September 25, 2023

DC Comics Super Heroes – The Awesome Guide [Book Review]

I’m a Wonder Woman fan, so knowing that this book was coming out with an exclusive Wonder Woman Minifigure kind of made the purchase a guilty no-brainer for me. I didn’t really need another book about LEGO Minifigures, and especially not one about DC Comics (I already have a few in both categories). But, these DK books tend to be fun… and again: exclusive Minifigure. This one features Wonder Woman in the costume seen in Wonder Woman #41 from August 2015.

DK’s latest exclusive LEGO Minifigure – Wonder Woman.

This book has the colourful and fun layouts that I have come to expect from DK LEGO books. I actually think I might like the look of this book more than previous ones. The text is a little large, but the book is aimed more at a younger crowd than AFOL collectors. It could also be that they are trying to fill space. With two DC Comics related LEGO books preceding this one, I would imagine they are starting to run out of stuff to say.

DK’s exclusive Wonder Woman Minifigure, front view.

In terms of content, this book deviates from the path a little when compared with the previous DC Comics books. Where the other books were more focused on the actual LEGO, this book focuses a little more on the DC Comics Universe. The facts are interesting at times, but not very in depth. In LEGO style, they have incorporated some set related stories. For example, did you know that the banana sales man from Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas is name Vic Timm, and he quit his job to become a Smallville farmer in Scarecrow Harvest of Fear?

DK’s exclusive Wonder Woman Minifigure, rear view.

As with many reference books, this book was already out of date upon publication. There is almost no reference to the LEGO Batman Movie sets, which should have been included in my opinion. The only obscure reference to any of those sets or Minifigures is a brief mention of Batman’s caveman costume from the Minifigure series. It also talks about how only one Batgirl Minifig has ever been made, which is no longer true. The sets and Minifigures covered appear to stop with the summer 2016 line-up.

DK’s exclusive Wonder Woman Minifigure’s alternate face.

My other issue with the book is the selection process used in deciding which Minifigures will appear in the book. It seems like it is completely random. With two DC Comics books before this one, they probably tried to showcase more characters that did not appear in other volumes. But, I would have preferred if this book kept the same DC Comics focus, but with one character per page, kind of like a LEGO version of DK’s DC Comics Encyclopedia. That would have given the book the fresh feel it needs, and it would have also given it more substance. As it is, the actual content only makes up about 28% of the volume of the book, the rest is all cover and cardboard spacing for the Minifigure packaging.

DK’s LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – The Awesome Guide cover.

Overall, it is another fun book, but it falls short of being a great or definitive LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes book. If you like Wonder Woman, then the Minifigure you get with this book makes it worth it. She is definitely the best DC Minifigure to come with a book so far. I would even venture that she is the best Minifigure to come with any DK LEGO book so far.

Have you read this book? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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