September 29, 2023

Review: Wonder Woman Warrior Battle [76075]

This Toys R Us and LEGO Store online exclusive is the only LEGO tie-in to the new Wonder Woman movie. Being one of my favorite comic characters, I was secretly hoping for a more diverse selection of sets, but I will take what I can get. The movie was wonderful (click here to read my review), so how does the set measure up?

Set Summary

Name: Wonder Woman Warrior Battle
Set #: 76075
Theme: DC Comics Super Heroes
Cost: $39.99 CDN
Brick Count: 286
Minifigures: 2
Release Date: May 1, 2017

LEGO Wonder Woman Warrior Battle [76075] boxart

Summary Review: 76%

VALUE: 80% (Ok value, right on the current average cost per brick.)
55% (Ares is nicely designed, but I am not a fan of the plane.)
90% (I bought this for the Minifigs, they don’t disappoint.)
80% (Good build-time value, but not a long term keeper.)

LEGO set 76075 – Steve Trevor guns a blazin’


VALUE: 80%

Costing $39.99, and coming with 286 pieces this set has a per brick value of $0.14. Based on my new analysis of the Summer 2017 LEGO catalog, that is right on average. There were no DC Comics Superheroes sets in the catalog, but it is one cent below the LEGO Batman Movie average, and on par with the DC Superheroes sets in the January 2017 catalog. This is an ok value and gives this set a value score of 4/5 (80%).

LEGO set 76075 – Steve Trevor’s plane

BUILD: 55%

There are two main builds in this set, Steve Trevor’s plane, and Ares, the God of War. Steve Trevor’s plane does not do much for me. It is an ok build, but I wish there was a little more to it. I also wish that he had actually flown that plane in the movie, but I don’t remember seeing it. The plane he crashes in off the shore of Themyscria is a German one, not American. I am no World War I expert, but I feel like this plane looks more like a World War II plane as well. I wish they had made this a biplane.

LEGO set 76075 – Steve Trevor in his plane

Ares, on the other hand, is very nicely designed. His helmet does not resemble the movie version all that closely, but otherwise the character has a nice look to it. I do not collect the Marvel sets, but I would imagine Ares has a similar design to the giant Ant-Man from the Avengers Airport Battle set. My biggest complaint about Ares is that his back is a little bland. The hand design and the way he holds on to his weapons is fairly clever though.

LEGO set 76075 – Ares front view

If both of these builds make up half of the build score, then each starts off with 2.5 points, and can gain an additional 2.5. The plane loses a point for not being true to the movie. It looks ok, but again, it doesn’t do much for me, so it stays at a low 1.5/5. Ares loses one point for the boring back design. But, he gains points for the neat hand and “Minifigure” design. I also like the mobility of his various joints. I give him 4/5. Combined, this gives this set a build score of 5.5/10.

LEGO set 76075 – Ares rear view


In all honesty, I bought this set for the Wonder Woman Minifigure. I wanted the cinematic variant of the character, but I did not want to buy the Batman V Superman Sky High Battle set, which interested me almost none. This set is a much cheaper way to get the Minifigure. She also comes with a blue cape and hood, which was lacking in the Batman V Superman set. This Wonder Woman has a double-sided face (smiley and angry). The front and back of her torso are very intricately designed, as is the front and sides of her legs. Her arms also have printed bracelets. He legs have no back printing though, but that is my only complaint with this Minifig. As I mentioned before, she comes with a cape and hood, but also has a sword and nicely printed shield. She has so many nice accessories that I will even forgive the point I would normally take off for the lack of printing on the back of her legs. Wonder Woman gets a full 10/10.

Steve Trevor also comes with a double-sided face (smiling and angry as well). His hairpiece is a brown version of the new Superman hairpiece. His torso is nicely detailed on the front and back, but his legs are plain brown. As accessories, Steven has an interchangeable helmet with goggles, and two pistols. I give him 8/10.

LEGO 76075 – Steve Trevor front view

This set has a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of 143:1. This is below the average for the latest LEGO catalog, and is actually very good when compared to other sets I have reviewed. I give it a ratio score of 90%.  Combined with the Minifigure design scores, this gives an overall Minifig score of 90%.

LEGO 76075 – Steve Trevor rear view


This set took me 90 minutes to build at a nice leisurely pace. This puts each minute of building at $0.44. That is a pretty good value, and earns this set a full 5/5 for build-time value. As for my enjoyment of the set, I will probably not keep it built. I didn’t like the plane all that much. While I did like Ares, I don’t have much use for him in the long term. I do have some short term plans for him with one of my upcoming photo projects though. I give this set 3/5 for enjoyment. Combining the build-time value and enjoyment scores gives this set an overall entertainment rating of 80%.

LEGO 76075 – Wonder Woman’s angry face

Overall: 76%

Being completely honest, this was a Minifigure purchase for me. I really wanted the movie version of Wonder Woman, and this set was the cheapest way to get one. Looking forward to the Justice League sets later this year, I think this set will remain the cheapest way to get the character. She also comes with the cape and hood in this set, which was/will not be available in the other sets. The plane build is a little lack-luster in my opinion, but Ares is pretty cool. The set has good per brick and build-time values too. Overall, it is not a bad set, but not a great one either. Wonder Woman rocks though.

LEGO 76075 – Wonder Woman with hood and cape

What are your thoughts on Wonder Woman Warrior Battle? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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