September 29, 2023

Review: Easter Egg Hunt [40237]

On a recent trip to the LEGO Store, I happened to find one of the seasonal sets on sale. LEGO releases several little sets throughout the year to coincide with major holidays. Often, if you wait until just after the holiday has passed, your can get these sets at reduced prices. I have yet to find one that is really a stand alone set, but they often come with nice Minifigures, accessories, and bricks that I find useful in other projects. Last year’s Easter set was a kitchen where Minifigures were painting eggs. The kitchen was super easy to adapt so that it fit onto that empty floor in the Creator Pet Shop townhouse. This year’s Easter set is not as easily dropped into my city, but it still comes with some interesting parts.

Set Summary

Set Name: Easter Egg Hunt
Set #: 40237
Theme: Seasonal
Cost: $11.99 CDN
Brick Count: 145
Minifigures: 2
Of Interest: You also get a chicken and wheel-barrow.
Release Date: February 2, 2017

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt [40237] box art

Summary Review: 82%

VALUE: 100% (Each brick will set you back a low $0.08.)
75% (There is nothing bad about this set, but nothing great either.)
98% (The Minifigs are ok, and come with a lot of accessories.)
55% (Great pieces to repurpose, but the set is not so great.)


VALUE: 100%
Clocking in at 145 bricks, with a price tag of $11.99 in Canada, each piece in this set will cost you $0.08. That is already a pretty good value which is well below the current average cost of a brick of $0.13 (based on the January 2017 LEGO catalogue, click here to read my analysis). Buying the set at full price gets 100% for value. The set has now been discontinued, but my local LEGO Store still has them on sale for $9.99 as I am writing this. That brings the cost of a brick down another cent.

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt [40237]
BUILD: 75%
There is not much to the build of this set. It comes in three sections meant to represent a yard. You get a small garden with carrots. a little walkway with a mailbox, and a chicken coop. Each segment comes with a hidden over-sized Easter egg. The carrot garden swings open to reveal one, there is another in the mailbox, and one in the chicken coop. I like that there is an actual chicken to go with the coop. I also like the fence pieces and the tan coloured 1×2 brick-print-bricks that come with this set. There is nothing that I really hate about this set, but nothing that I really love either. I’ll give it an average score of 75% for that reason.

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt [40237]
There are two Minifigures in this set, but one of them is a stupid ape-child. If we begin with said child, you get a freckled, but not double sided face. The hair in one of those early-Bieber-mop cuts. The torso is a nice blue, plaid shirt with front and back print. The stumpy legs are just plain brown. By himself, I would give this Minifigure 4/10. However, there are so many accessories in this set that if I give him three eggs, a magnifying glass, and a basket for his eggs, his score goes up to 9/10.

The woman Minifigure is a nice one. She comes with the same black hairpiece as the Jewel thief from Minifigures Series 15. She also has the same double sided face as the mom Minifig from Fun in the Park. Her torso is printed on both the front and back, and her legs are plain, pale blue. By herself, she gets 6/10. But, again, there are a lot of accessories. So, if she gets a chicken, two carrots, and a wheel-barrow (which is awesome), she gets 10/10.

Two Minifigures in a 145 piece sets give a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of about 73:1. That is really good and earns a ratio score of 100%. Combine that with the Minifigure design scores, and you have an overall score of 98%.

This set took me 17 minutes to build. If I had paid full price, this would mean $0.71 per minute of build time. That is not bad, but not great either. This set gets a build-time score of 3.5/5. As for my enjoyment of the set, I am not a huge fan. I will be disassembling this one and repurposing all of the pieces. The pieces are great though. The wheel-barrow, fence pieces, and 1×2 brick-print-bricks were what I was after, and this set is a cheap way to get them. I give this set 2/5 for enjoyment. That means the overall entertainment score for this set is 55%.

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt [40237]

Overall: 82%

This little set is a great way to get some interesting pieces at a low cost. It has an excellent value, even at full price, and the Minifigures come with a lot of accessories. The set itself is nothing special, but if you are buying it for the pieces, that doesn’t really matter. If you hurry to the LEGO Store, you might still be able to find this set on sale, but it was seasonal, and has technically been discontinued.

Did you pick this one up? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Yeah, as you said it’s not a particularly exciting set, but the value is good and I know my kid would get a kick out of the hidden treasure aspect. I’ll have to keep an eye out.

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