December 7, 2023

Z is for Zombies!!!

The Zombie virus is relatively new in the LEGO universe. The first recorded case of zombification in a Minifigure was in 2010 (Minifigures Series 1). Subsequent cases were documented in 2012 (Monster Fighters theme), 2015 (Minifigures Series 14 & I Love That Minifigure book), and 2016 (Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters). Two zombies have even been sighted in my own LEGO city.

Since 2010, zombies have started to pop up in LEGO cities around the world.

I recently acquired the I Love That Minifigure book for the exclusive zombie that comes with it. I wanted more than one zombie to photograph for this post (I already had the one that comes with the Ghostbusters Firehouse). In reading the book, I was fascinated to find out that the exclusive which came with it was actually once a living Minifigure! The skateboarder from the first Minifigure series was turned into a zombie for the book. I love when LEGO throws in little stories like that with their sets and characters.

This horrifying scene took place right outside of LEGO Tim Hortons in my own city.

I love a good zombie story. I have really enjoyed the newer Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and The Walking Dead. How about you?

Well, this is it. The last post of the April A-to-Z blogging challenge. I had my reservations going in about the amount of work involved, especially since I have to keep up with my actual job at the same time. But, I did it! I hope you have enjoyed the ride, and will continue to visit from time to time. It certainly has been fun for me. Thanks for all your support, visits, and comments over the last month!

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LEGO Zombie Skateboarder from DK’s I Love That Minifigure book.

14 thoughts on “Z is for Zombies!!!

  1. Zombies is another theme that I can always like when it comes in the Lego form (or something like that).
    Congratulations on the challenge. This has been one of my favourite AtoZ blogs. I guess I’ll drop here from time to time.
    EvaMail Adventures

  2. Don’t forget Shaun of the Dead!

    I was also about to mention the zombie from the Scooby-Doo set, but then realized I guess that’s technically not a “real” zombie. 😛

    Congrats on making it to the end! Loved your series and finding a great new blog that I hope to follow, with content relative to my interests. Keep those Lego sales updates going!

  3. Congrats on finishing the challenge! Your posts were so fun and a real bright spot in my day. I’m not a zombie fan (understatement), but your incorporation of them into your world is pretty neat-o. Great pics as always.

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