September 29, 2023

V is for Volkswagen

It just so happens that the letter “V” in the April A-to-Z challenge fell on my usual LEGO review day, so I get to hit two birds with one stone. Last time I went the LEGO store, I got a free Volkswagen Beetle set (40252) with my purchase. Today, I will review that little set and get my A-to-Z challenge post done all in one shot! Since this set was free, I will not follow my usual format for reviewing sets. But, I will share my thoughts on it.

LEGO freebie Volkswagen Beetle (40252) box art

This set comes with 141 pieces. A set of this size from the City of Speed Champions themes (where most car related sets come from) would cost you in between $17.99 and $24.99 in Canada. So, as a freebie, this is a pretty decent one in terms of value. You had to spend $50.00 to get it, but that is still roughly the equivalent of quadruple VIP points if you think about it. After all, $1 gets you one point, and 100 points gets you $5 off. So, you would have to have 400 points to get $20 off.

Front view of LEGO’s freebie Volkswagen Beetle (40252)

My major point of contention with this set is that it is not Minifigure compatible. I would have liked it much more if it was. As it is, the interior is completely sealed off, and there are no car doors. I also don’t like the use of the translucent bricks as a windshield. A regular, transparent windshield would have been much nicer. I do like the surfboard on the roof. The overall look of the finished product is also nice for purely display purposes.

Rear view of LEGO’s freebie Volkswagen Beetle (40252)

Overall, for a free set, this one is not bad. I am not crazy about it, but once I get a beach going in my LEGO city, I will probably park this car next to it. I will, however, try to modify it so that it can accommodate a Minifigure. What do you think of this freebie?

This post was written as part of the April A-to-Z blogging challenge. You can read more about the challenge by visiting the official website. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my LEGO themed letter “W” post!

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LEGO’s freebie Volkswagen Beetle is Minifigure size, but not Minifigure compatible 🙁

6 thoughts on “V is for Volkswagen

  1. Yeah, it’s a nice little set, and as a freebie it’s a great value, but it is annoying that the scale is off. In a universe where every person is exactly the same size, the scale of everything else is wildly variable. :-/

  2. You are the LEGO expert, but from the point of view of a laywoman, that is really nice (free?!?). It seems to me that the minifigure is more interested in surfing that in driving…
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