September 24, 2023

The LEGO Batman Movie – Making of the Movie [Book Review]

I recently acquired the book The LEGO Batman Movie – Making of the Movie by DK Publishing. I have a couple of other film related books, mostly dealing with super hero movies. I like to find out about the planning and thought process involved in these creative endeavours.  This particular read does not disappoint in that department, and is a must have for fans of LEGO and Batman.

I am big fan of the concept art shown in the book. You get to see some early ideas, storyboards, and discarded costume designs. I also enjoyed reading about the decision making process that went on in developing the characters and locations used in the movie. It was cool to see how LEGO worked hand in hand with the film’s production team in order to design builds that could come to life in the movie as well as in people’s homes as sets.


I enjoyed the movie quite a bit (click here to read my review). My major complaint about it was the inclusion of too many non-DC Comics properties. I found it interesting that this book pretty much completely ignores all of that and focuses really on the Batman universe. It also shed some light on the many DC universe Easter eggs in the movie. What would have made this book better would have been a more comprehensive list of all of the hidden treats in the movie. I would like to know what to look for next time I watch the film.

All in all, The Making of the Movie is a fun, short read. It has lots of vibrant pictures and fun tidbits of information. It is worth picking up!

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