O is for Out-and-About

LEGO has introduced me to a whole slew of new hobbies. Not only do I get build, but LEGO has also gotten me writing again in the form of blogging, poems, and reviews. It has also gotten me into photography. While I am by no means an expert, I have gotten much better at using my DSLR over the last year. I bought the camera years ago, thinking it would be fun to start taking pictures. But, I never had the time. Blogging and LEGO became an excuse to finally make the time. Now, it is fairly common for me to walk around with my camera bag and several Minifigures just in case a good opportunity presents itself. I sometimes get funny looks as I am crouching in public places positioning Minifigures, but mostly people seemed amused by photo shoots. Kids definitely get excited. Here are a few shots that I have taken over the last year while I have been out and about.

Day 2 Coffee

This picture was taken last summer when we rented a cottage in the Eastern Townships. My wife and I really liked to sit on the dock with our morning coffee. The fresh air, the loon calling, and cool morning air were fantastic.


The above picture was taken on a stroll through the woods with my wife. We were actually searching for frogs. I love frogs. On our walk we came across a tree stump that had these purple mushrooms growing on it. The Minifigure is from Series 16.


I published many pictures from my New York City trip about a month ago. The one shown above was taken under the Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria. I recently published it on my Instagram account for a contest commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the bridge.

This post was written as part of the April A-to-Z blogging challenge. You can read more about it by visiting the official website. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my LEGO themed letter “P” post!

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