September 24, 2023

K is for Knights

LEGO Knights have been around since 1978. “Castle” has been one of their cornerstone and longest running themes. If I had more disposable income, I would be building my modern city, and a medieval one. Over the years, knights have gone from the classic smiley faced Minifigures, to the more elaborate and detailed ones that appear in the modern Minifigure series.

Frightening Knight from LEGO Minifigure Series 15

Knights and the castle theme are another throwback for me. As I mentioned in my letter “I” post (click here to read it), my sister and I had some pretty elaborate stories going on in our LEGO world. It all began with knights. The first real LEGO set I ever got was the Black Falcons Fortress. I have posted about it here on my blog before because I still have it 30 years later. It was the “good guys” castle in our games. The good king lived there, and the imperial guards from the pirates theme reported to him. The good knights were a mix of Black Falcon Knights and Royal Knights.

Black Falcons Fortress

The good guys were always at odds with the evil Baron and his Fright Knights. We had several sets from the Fright Knights theme, including the Night Lord’s Castle, which was our biggest set at 601 pieces. My sister and I combined our allowances for weeks to get that one. It was an awesome set that came with our first LEGO dragon.


The forces of good are always at odds with the forces of evil.

In addition to allying themselves with pirates, the Fright Knights also teamed up with a witches coven. It gave them a pretty big advantage over the good guys. Thankfully, a very powerful wizard lived deep in the woods who could help the forces of good every now and then.

LEGO witch versus Majisto, the wizard.

Did you have any castle sets? Which was your favorite?

This post is part of the April A-to-Z blogging challenge. You can read more about the challenge by visiting the official website. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my LEGO themed letter “L” post!

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11 thoughts on “K is for Knights

  1. I don’t think I had any castle sets, but I did have one of the smaller packs with knights and a horse. I really loved the horse, even though it’s legs couldn’t move. Just bobbing its head up and down was fun enough!

  2. The town I live in has a castle with a drawbridge just like in your LEGO set. It was built around the year 1036, and some rooms are actually called “knights’ rooms”. Hubby and I got married in one of them!

  3. I definitely had a castle but I wouldn’t be able to say which one. I liked all the little details, like the covers over the horses – I never know what the technical term for those are. Looks like you’ve kept that fortress in good condition over the years.

  4. I had to go back and look it up, but I realized I actually had several Lego Castle sets. I was getting them mixed up in my memory (because I took them apart and jammed them all together).

    I had the King’s Mountain Fortress, which was built on a raised, molded based and had a glow in the dark ghost minifig! I remember that one vividly, and a few of the pieces from it are in my son’s collection. I also had the Forestmen’s Crossing, and I may have had the Camouflaged Outpost as well. As a kid I loved the little bow-and-arrows and the treasure chests.

    Your photos today are stellar as always.

    K is for Kanata, the origin of the name “Canada” (probably)

  5. One of my favourite toys was something that non-Spaniards probably don’t know: “Exin Castillos” (“Castillos”=Castles). I was a construction toy (with pieces a bit bigger than LEGO’s), but only for castles. I’m not sure they are still selling them. I looked for a new set for my nieces two years ago, and I couldn’t find it. But it’s sort of mythical for people of my age.
    My castles were for good guys, or bad guys… depending on the day 😀
    EvaMail Adventures

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