D is for Disney

In 2016, LEGO and Disney teamed up and created a special series of Minifigures based on iconic Disney characters. It was also the year that LEGO released the monstrous Disney Castle set. Sadly, for budgetary reasons, I have not acquired the Disney Castle. It is the sixth largest set ever produced, and costs $399.99 in Canada. However, I did collect all of the Minifigures from the series. I have been slowly photographing them since last summer. I have already posted shots of some of these characters, but the pictures you see here are all alternates from those photoshoots that I chose not to publish before. Most of the pictures are brand new for this article. But, enough talking. Today, I will let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

I really like this series of Minifigures, and Buzz was my favorite. But, there were some other characters I would have liked to have seen. How about you, who was your favorite Disney Minifig? Was there another character you would have liked to have seen in the series?

This post is part of my LEGO themed April A-to-Z blogging challenge. To read more about the challenge, you can visit the official website. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more LEGO!

Until next time,



LEGO Mickey Mouse



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