September 29, 2023

April A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

One year into my blogging foray, and time for my first challenge. A year ago, my wife suggested that I try the April A-to-Z challenge, but being so new to blogging at the time, I didn’t feel I was ready for that big a commitment. I wasn’t even sure if my blog would take off or not. But, I have surprised even myself, and have kept True North Bricks afloat. So, this year I will take the challenge, and my theme will be…

Inspired by LEGO !

I suppose that for my regular followers, there is no surprise there. But, this challenge will have me posting more LEGO inspired content than usual as it will require me to post something new every day (except Sunday). If you want to read more about the challenge, you can visit the official website. I will continue to post my usual content throughout the month of April as well.

Until next time,


19 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

  1. Saw you on Twitter. This is my fifth year and the first Lego theme I’ve seen. Should be lots of fun 🙂 My theme: “Female Scientists Before Our Time”

  2. What an awesome theme! We keep a big box of retro Lego in the living room for the kids to play with when the mood strikes. I look forward to reading and perhaps finding some cool inspiration to share with them.

  3. Welcome to the challenge! I’m happy you decided to partecipate. It’s the third year for me, but the first one was really a revelation. I learned so much… in addition to meeting some awesome people and cool blogs.

    This is a truly unique theme. Have a lot of fun with it 😉

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  4. This is my first time here, thanks to the A to Z challenge.

    Your theme sounds awesome, so I hope I will drop here some days.
    For a start, I must confess that I have discovered Lego as an adult, and I have only these pieces. Can you believe that? 😀

    My theme will be postcards, as my bog is about postal things.

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