September 29, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Commissioner Gordon

This week’s Minifigure review is Commissioner Gordon from the LEGO Batman Movie series. This is a great Minifig. I was really happy that they included him in the collection, because the only other way to get one is to buy an expensive set that I am not too crazy about. I also like that, unlike the one that comes in the aforementioned set, this one is an everyday sort of Commissioner. Since my next MOC project will probably be a police station, Gordon was a must have for me.

Commissioner Gordon from the LEGO Batman Movie.

The Minifigure is really nice. He does not have a double sided face, or rear print on his legs. But, the front of his torso and legs, as well as the back of his torso are really nicely detailed. In addition, he has painting on his arms, and lighter grey streaks in his hair. He comes with two accessories, a walkie-talkie and a Joker wanted poster (printed tile). I would normally give him 8/10, but the arm and hair details are surely worth another point. 9/10 is my final verdict.

Until next time,