Minifigure Monday – Pink Power Batgirl

This past weekend was a work filled one for me… talk about a crap-fest. But, to treat myself on my breaks, I worked a little on my latest MOC (click here to read about it), and I took a trip down to the LEGO Store to get a new Minifigure. I also got the Harley Quinn movie poster that came free with every purchase all this past week.

This week’s Minifigure Monday review is Pink Power Batgirl, and as her name suggests, she comes dressed all in pink. My guess is that this will show up in the movie as an early iteration of the Batgirl costume. This Batgirl comes with the new Barbara Gordon hairpiece. She also has a double sided face, one side featuring a smile, while the other has a stern look. Batgirl has a shiny pink cape, a pink Batarang, and a pink repaint of the Alice in Wonderland skirt from the Disney Minifigures series. She has no back print on her torso, but does on her legs. I give this Minifig a solid 9/10.

Until next time,




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