September 29, 2023

LEGO Pizza Van Review

I have been looking forward to getting this set for a long time. I am really eager to get some food trucks into my LEGO® city. This set also happens to be the best value of any City theme set in the January 2017 catalog, so it is well worth the purchase!

Set Summary

Name: Pizza Van
Set #: 60150
Cost: $24.99 CAD
Brick Count: 249
Minifigure Count: 2
Of Interest: You get a scooter, and pizza slices!
Manuals: 1
Release Date: November 23, 2016

LEGO pizza delivery.

Summary Review: 81%

Value: 90% (Very good cost per brick.)
90% (Nice design, but covered in stickers.)
80% (Pretty generic Minifigs, but great brick-to Minifig ratio.)
65% (I love this set, but it doesn’t give you much build time.)

LEGO City Pizza Van box art.


VALUE: 90%
With 249 bricks and a price tag of $24.99 in Canada, this set works out to a cost of $0.10 per brick. This is the best value of all of the City theme sets in the latest LEGO® catalog. It places the value of this nicely below the current average cost of a brick, and far below the average of the City theme. I give this set a 4.5/5 for value.

LEGO Pizza Van – front view.

BUILD: 90%
This is a nice little pizza van. The detail in the kitchen is excellent. You have a little cash register, some French fries, a pizza prep counter, condiment dispensers, and a canned drink. My favorite feature is the oven though. It has a ready light and keypad. Both sides of the van are able to open up, so customers can be served from either side. I do feel the car doors are a little small for the truck, and placed a little high up, but that is a minor complaint. All of the signs on the truck are unfortunately stickers though. There is also a small pick-nick table build. I give the build 9/10.

LEGO Pizza Van – rear view.

There are two Minifigures in this set. This means that you get one Minifig for every 125 bricks. That is a pretty good ratio, earning this set 4.5/5 for its brick-to-Minifig score.

The first Minifigure is the pizza chef. He is a pretty standard issue chef. His face is one with a bushy moustache. He has slicked back hair, and the typical chef torso piece. He has no printing on his legs. Being a pizza chef, it only makes sense that he would come with a pizza. There are also two pizza slices! While these are not new LEGO® pieces, they are new to the City theme. Prior to this, I have only heard of them in Friends sets. I give him 7/10.

The second Minifig doubles as a customer or pizza delivery girl. She comes with the same hairpiece as the Librarian from Minifigures Series 10. I am quite happy with that as I did not already have that one. She also has a new torso print featuring a cowl-neck sweatshirt. She does not have a double face or any leg printing. As an accessory, she has a scooter and helmet. The scooter has pizza boxes attached to it. I also give her 7/10.

Overall, the Minifigures get an average of 70%. When coupled with the brick-to-Minifigure score, that goes up to 80%.

This set took me about 40 minutes to build. At $24.99, that breaks down to $0.62 per minute of building. That is not a great value. Sadly, that only earns this set 1.5/5. On the plus side, I love this set. I give it 5/5 for how much I like it. These two scores combined give the pizza van an overall entertainment score of 65%.

LEGO Pizza Van

Overall: 81%

This is a great little set. The Minifigures are pretty average, and you sadly do not get a lot of build time. But, the Pizza Van itself is full of fun little details and makes a great addition to any LEGO® city. It also has a low cost per brick, and a good brick-to-Minifigure ratio. I do recommend it.

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