December 3, 2023

LEGO Batman Freebie!!!

I went to the LEGO Store today to purchase some new Minifigures from the Batman Movie series. As I was touring the store, I noticed a bunch of kids frantically searching the display cases for stickers of Batman. The online LEGO community has been abuzz about this promo for a while now, so I immediately knew what was going on. The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack is a free promotion in the LEGO store that is supposed to run for a few weeks. Find seven Batman stickers in store, get a free polybag. It’s that simple, you don’t have to buy anything. The best part is that there is seemingly no age restriction on this given that I am in my 30s and they still gave me one.

The free LEGO Batman Movie accessory pack.

This is also probably the coolest polybag I have ever gotten. I am a little biased because I am a huge Batman/DC Comics fan. But, this is an awesome little set. You get a small, double-sided poster (heroes from the movie on one side, villains on the other), a sticker sheet, a Batman Minifig, and a Batsignal build.

The LEGO Batman Movie accessory pack showing Batman’s alternate face and rear of the Batsignal.

The Batman Minifig is nice, but nothing that has not been seen before. He is totally in black, reminiscent of the Michael Keaton Batman. He has a double-sided face, one side smirking, the other scowling. His cowl is the original, older design. He comes with a Batarang and a utility belt. While he has no leg printing, he does have front and back printing on his torso. Alone, I would give him 8/10. But, he is not alone. The Batsignal build is awesome. The signal rotates 360 degrees, and tilts up and down. It is also really well detailed. I can’t believe this thing is free. Reviewing this polybag as a Minifigure (I feel it is too small to count as a full set), I give it 100%.

Until next time,