September 29, 2023

LEGO Catwoman Cycle Chase Review

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the LEGO Batman Movie, and I am equally psyched about the sets associated with it. The first one that I have gotten my hands on is 70902 – Catwoman Cycle Chase. This is a great little set, and the Minifigures are just awesome. Catwoman has always been one of my favorites, and it is great to get such a nice LEGO version. This set was officially slated for a January 1, 2017 release, but here in Canada we got it on Boxing Day (Dec. 26, 2016). What made this set even better for me was that I got it for FREE!!! After strategically using Double VIP Points events at the LEGO Store for all my big purchases, I had quite a few points saved up, and this set cost me nothing as a result.

LEGO Catwoman Cycle Chase box art.

Set Summary

Name: Catwoman Cycle Chase
Set #: 70902
Cost: $24.99 CDN
Brick Count: 139
Minifigure Count: 3
Manuals: 1 (49 pages)
Release Date: December 26, 2016

Summary Review: 72%

Value: 70% (At $0.18 per brick, you are not getting a very good deal.)
70% (The Cat-Cycle rocks, but the jewellery store is nothing special.)
97% (These are really the selling point for this set, they are amazing.)
50% (This set costs a lot for the amount of build time you get.)

LEGO Batman Movie – Catwoman Cycle Chase


VALUE: 70%
At $24.99 and with 139 bricks, each brick in this set costs $0.18 CDN. That is way over the average cost of $0.13 per brick. So, you are sadly not getting a very good deal by buying this set. I give it a value score of 3.5/5 (70%).

LEGO Catwoman’s Cat-Cycle.

BUILD: 70%
Catwoman’s Cat-Cycle is awesome. It is a fun little build and the end product looks really good. The jewellery store is nothing special. It is open in the back and has nothing in it except for two jewels. There are no trap doors or vents for Catwoman to sneak in through, so it really is a little boring. The sign is nice though, and I will repurpose that in a future MOC. If the build score for this set is divided into two, the Cat-Cycle gets a full 5/5. As I said before, I like the sign in the jewellery store, and it is always great to get another door and window to repurpose. But, there is nothing else special about it. I give the jewellery store 2/5. All in all, the build score is 7/10.

LEGO Catwoman Cycle Chase jewellery store.

If you thinking of buying this set, then the Minifigs are the reason to do it. This set is the cheapest way to get Batgirl and Robin in one shot, and it is the only way to get Catwoman in her full costume (you can get her in a prison jumper with the Arkham Asylum set). She comes in a purple suit with a new mask piece. The mask has goggles, and her eyes are painted underneath to look like they are covered with lenses. Catwoman has a double sided face, but the only difference is that one side has an open mouth while the other side is closed. Her torso has front and back print, and her arms are printed too. Catwoman’s legs are only printed on the front. She comes with a whip and a utility belt. I would normally take off a mark for the lack of printing on the rear of the legs, but the arms are so well done that they make up for it. I give Catwoman 10/10.

I was sad to miss out on the Batgirl Minifig that came with The Joker Steam Roller in 2014. I was not that interested in the set, and could not justify the cost for just one Minifigure. It worked out well in the end, because I think this Batgirl is better. She has a new cowl, and the cowl has a peg onto which her hair attaches. So, she has long hair and she can still turn her head. Batgirl has a double sided face, one side angry, the other smiling. It is hard to see the difference with her cowl on, but she gets points for it regardless. She also has front and back print on both her torso and legs. In addition, her arms and the sides of her legs are printed. Batgirl has two Baterangs and a utility belt. She also gets 10/10.

From what I have seen of Robin in the previews for the movie, he is going to be hilarious. The costume storyline looks like a riot, and his costume here does not disappoint. He comes with a new hair piece that has his goggles attached. He has a double sided face, but you can only see the difference in his mouth with the hairpiece on. I don’t feel that is a negative point. Robin also has front and rear printing on his torso and legs. He does not come with any accessories though. For that reason he only get 8/10.

Overall, the Minifigures in this set earn a collective score of 93%. Again, these really are the major selling point for this set. You are also getting three of them, which translates to one Minifigure for every 46 bricks. That is a phenomenal brick to Minifig ratio (5/5), which boosts the overall Minifigure score to 97%.

It took me 25 minutes to put this set together. This means that with a price tag of $24.99, you are paying $1.00 for every minute of build time. This makes this set a very expensive build, and earns it a score of 1/5.

In terms of how much I like this set, I give it 4/5. I will keep the Cat-Cycle unaltered in my city. The jewellery store will be repurposed, but I might keep some element of it in the jewellery store that I will design. Combining these scores gives this set an entertainment rating of 50%.

LEGO Catwoman Cycle Chase.

Overall: 72%

In summary, I really like the Minifigures in this set. Catwoman’s motorbike is really well made too. The jewellery shop is a little bland though, and the set itself is really expensive. Definitely wait for a sale before you get this one, and make sure it is at least 20% off. That will bring the cost per brick down to near average, and bring down the per-minute cost of building this set too. Or, save up those VIP points like I did!

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