A Minifigure Monday Halloween [LEGO Review]

What luck that Halloween happens to coincide with Minifigure Monday, AND the latest Minifigure series happens to have a Cute Little Devil trick or treater. While this provided me with a fun photo op, I am not super impressed with the Minifigure itself. I have never liked the stumpy legs of the child Minifigs. It makes them look like apes with their disproportionately long arms. I also wish this guy had a double sided face so he wouldn’t always have to have his tongue sticking out. He comes with wings, a tail, a pitchfork, and a pumpkin basket for his candy though, which are all pluses. I also really like his red zip-up top. Overall, I give the Cute Little Devil 7/10.

On another note, I would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween! Enjoy those horror movies, costume parties, candy, or whatever else you might have planned for this All Hallows’ Eve.



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