Favorite LEGO Pics of September

As many of you know, I am also on Instagram, and I post most of my LEGO photography there (click here to go see). Recently, a fellow LEGO enthusiast tagged me in a photo. Apparently there is a trend on Instagram where people post their favorite photos of the month that they have taken, and tag other photographers inviting them to do the same. I was tagged to show my favorite pics from September by LEGO Schmidt, who also happens to be here on WordPress (click here to visit the blog). So, I have posted my favorites on Instagram. I decided I would also post them here for fun. Want to see who I nominated? Check out creatively.lego, verboomwendy, titaniumpictures_, ale_chikito, lego.n.photo, and ramblingbrick on Instagram! As always, I welcome your feedback! Until next time,



  1. And done! thanks for the tag TNB.

    1. You are most welcome. Great work deserves promotion!

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