Covert Ops on Minifigure Monday


LEGO Minifigures Series 16 – The Spy

Minifigures Series 16 just keeps delivering. The Spy is another great character chock-full of neat details and awesome accessories. While he does not have a double-sided face or any rear printing, he makes up for it in terms of a great design. The lack of printing on the back of his torso is also not noticeable because of the backpack he is wearing. Additionally, the Spy has a new hairpiece (well, new for my anyway, I don’t know if it has shown up in a LEGO theme that I do not collect, like Ultra Agents). His hair is moulded in such a way that his goggles can attach to it. He also comes with a tonfa (riot control baton) and a piece of plastic shaped to look like a coiled rope. I give the Spy 8/10.

Click here to download your free LEGO Spy colouring page!

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