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A Tour of the Old Fishing Shop

Yesterday was Christmas. I got quite the LEGO haul this year, including the Nutcracker Freebie, the modular Modern Home, the Park Street Townhouse, some LEGO compatible tape, the Ninjago City Chase, a LEGO Batman t-shirt, and the Old Fishing Store. I decided to spend the day building the Old Fishing Store. I will review it properly in the weeks to

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Spooky Minifigure Monday [LEGO Review]

Last week was Halloween. I actually took two photos, and couldn’t decide which one to use for my Halloween Minifigure Monday (click here to see it). I ended up coming to the conclusion that this week’s picture, though it could be considered Halloween related, could also go at other times of the year. So, I decided upon the trick-or-treater for

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A Gwen Stefani Wordless Wednesday

I normally don’t comment on my Wordless Wednesday posts, but Make Me Like You and Misery were part of my summer soundtrack this year. I had so much fun making the LEGO version of Keith Urban’s Ripcord a few months ago (click here to see it), which also contributed songs to my summer playlist. I found the “starlet” hairpiece in

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A Minifigure Monday with Stripes

With Halloween fast approaching, I decided to dig out the characters from Minifigures Series 14 for some photo shoots. One of my favorites from the set was the Tiger Woman. I have always had a love for big cats, and tigers in particular. When I was in high school, it was actually my dream to study wild tigers. Which brings me

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Covert Ops on Minifigure Monday

Minifigures Series 16 just keeps delivering. The Spy is another great character chock-full of neat details and awesome accessories. While he does not have a double-sided face or any rear printing, he makes up for it in terms of a great design. The lack of printing on the back of his torso is also not noticeable because of the backpack he is

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