September 28, 2023

Backpacking for Minifigure Monday!

I love hiking. I have been waiting for this Minifigure for some time, and it does not disappoint. I had really hoped to get this one sooner, before I went to the cottage a month back. Series 16 had started to show up in the United States already at that point, but had not reached Canada yet. Sadly, I only got this Minifig after my summer hiking was largely done… but it will accompany me on future trips for sure!

Minifigures Series 16 – The Hiker

Series 16 has churned out another excellent Minifigure. He comes with a double sided face that expresses sheer joy at hiking, or puzzlement at using a map and compass. He comes with my favorite hairpiece in a new sandy-blonde colour as well. The torso has a lot of detailing on the front, but is not printed on the back. The legs have both front and back print. He would lose marks for not having back torso printing if it wasn’t for his amazing accessories. The Hiker comes with three unique pieces: a compass, a map, and a new backpack design. I give this Minifig a full 10/10.

The Hiker’s alternate face.

Click here to download your free LEGO Hiker colouring page!

Until next time,