September 22, 2023

Weekend Coffee Share about Fan Expo!

If we were having coffee, we would be sitting outside on the terrasse at Tim Hortons. The sun would be shining, but it would still be nice and cool. I would be waiting with a folder on the table in front of me, and as you arrive, I would eagerly push the folder towards you to have a look. Inside you would find three autographed pictures that I recently added to my collection: Danielle Panabaker (from TV’s “The Flash”), Katie Cassidy (from TV’s “Arrow”), and Charlie Cox (from Netflix’s “Daredevil”). I would also have LEGO pictures to show you!

LEGO Batman!

Last weekend, I went to Fan Expo in Toronto for the first time in three years. I used to go every year, but it has become difficult to balance that trip with work. This year, the amazing guest list enticed me to make a whirlwind trip. I drove from Montreal to Toronto on Saturday, hit Fan Expo on Sunday, and drove back home on Monday (which was thankfully a holiday).

Fan Expo has gotten huge since I last went. It was too big for me to see in one day. There were two halls filled with vendors. The smaller of the two had all of the celebrity autograph stations. I spent most of my day in that room waiting to get autographs. I briefly left to see the Q&A with the Daredevil cast. I almost did not see the main vendors room at all. I basically had just enough time to run in and see the LEGO booth before the day was over. While that probably did save me some serious money, it was none the less a major disappointment.

There were some really nice, big brick statues. The DK booth is where the life-sized Captain America seen above was from. Wonder Woman was at the WB Gaming booth, near the LEGO Dimensions set-up. The LEGO Booth itself was sadly a little disappointing. There was a very small selection of sets for sale. There were no give-aways, and the statues were nothing compared to my last visit. Last time, they had recreated Bilbo’s house from The Hobbit, life-sized out of LEGO bricks. That was impressive. The first time I saw LEGO at Fan Expo, they were giving away free Minifigures. I guess I expected more this time. There was a Master Builder present, and you could take part in the creation of a giant droid from the upcoming Star Wars movie, Rogue One. I sadly missed the Master Builder workshop since I was trying to get an autograph…

All in all, I got the autographs that I wanted, and I scored a couple of retired Minifigs from the LEGO Movie series. The Minifigures were super over-priced, but I was so excited to find them that I bought them on impulse. I don’t regret it, but I probably should have tried to bargain. I had a fun day, but I would have needed two. Next time I go, I will definitely book one full day for getting autographs and attending sessions, and another day to really tour the vendors.

Hope you had a good week too! Until next time,


p.s. Shout out to Part-Time Monster for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share

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  1. My kids and I went to this expo a couple years ago! It was awesome! I believe it’s coming to our area in a few weeks (I keep getting emails about tickets). Glad you enjoyed the expo!

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