Mariachi Minifigure Monday!

This week’s Minifigure is Series 16’s Mariachi Man! I only started collecting these Minifig series after the last sombrero laden figs were already discontinued. I was really happy that Series 16 contained a new one. I also love Mexican food. I plan to incorporate MOCs of things that I like in my LEGO city, so a Mexican Restaurant will eventually happen. As a result, getting this guy was a must. I will probably even get two.


Series 16’s Mariachi Man!

This Minifig does not have a double sided face or printing on the back of the torso. But, he comes with a sombrero, moustache, and guitar. He also has printing on the sides of his legs, as well as nice details on the front of his torso and around the edge of his sombrero. I give this Minifigure 8/10.


I love Mexican food.

You can download your free Mariachi Man colouring page by clicking here. Until next time!



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