September 29, 2023

Weekend Coffee Share on Suicide Squad, LEGO, and First Dates…

If we were having coffee, I would have to apologize for the late hour. I don’t normally drink coffee this late on a Saturday night. Maybe it will be a black decaf tonight. We’ll also switch the venue from the usual favorite, Tim Hortons, to one of those dimly lit cafés with lots of comfy couches and a gas fireplace. Get cozy, I’ve got a lot to chat about today.

I woke up this morning unsure of what to break the ice with tonight. Thankfully, we decided to meet at a later hour, so I had all day to think about some interesting happenings. My first thought was to ask if you have seen Suicide Squad? I saw it recently. Of course, since I love LEGO, it is a topic I can relate to that passion for my blog. So, I started drawing the Suicide Squad movie poster reimagined with LEGO to show you at our meeting. I tend to get lost in my hobbies, and time seems to escape me. I spent a huge chunk of the day enjoying my drawing over a couple of cups of coffee. It was nice to just work on a piece just for fun with no real purpose. Here it is, let me know what you think!

Suicide Squad poster reimagined in LEGO.

This was my third attempt at remaking something pop-culture related with LEGO. My first two attempts were done with photography. I remade the cover of Keith Urban’s latest album, Ripcord (click here to see it), as my first project. My second attempt was earlier this week. I made the Jurassic World poster using LEGO characters and house plants. I stayed up really late working on that one, but I was really proud of the end product (click here to see it). With the Suicide Squad poster, I don’t actually have most of the characters from the movie as Minifigures (yet). So, I returned to another passion of mine: drawing.

I took a little hiatus in the middle of the art work today to go out with my beautiful wifey. There is a LEGO sale on at Toys R Us this week. It is actually a really good sale if you are on the lookout for Super Heroes themed sets. You get 20% off, and if your total bill is over $50 before taxes, they give you a $10 gift card for LEGO purchases in September. I was trying to keep myself from going, you know, save a little money and all that. After all, I did already make my LEGO purchase for August when the LEGO Store had their double VIP points promo a couple of weeks ago. But, my wife pointed out that if I am going to get the set anyway, I might as well get it on sale, and it is a good sale. So, we went to Toys R Us, and I got more LEGO. I now have four unopened boxes of LEGO. I got the Police Station for the double points promo, and it just arrived in the mail so I have not had a chance to work on it. Then, with the points I earned, I got Clash of the Heroes for free (I had some points saved already) on my last trip to the LEGO Store. Because my Police Station was expensive enough, I also got the monthly LEGO Store freebie, which was a London Double-Decker bus. And, today, I got my hands on Attack on Avengers Tower. I feel like a kid on Christmas.

My LEGO haul… I feel like a kid on Christmas!

Following Toys R Us, we picked up some lunch and went to a local park to eat. It was the park we went to on our first date. I took her there at night on that date. I was worried she would think I was creepy, dragging her into the woods alone in the dark. But, I knew something amazing was going to happen that night, and I wanted her to see it. That summer there was a huge population boom of fireflies for some reason. I had seen them there a few nights before. I brought her into forest, holding her hand. It took a moment for our eyes to adjust, but when they did, it was magical. There were millions of little blinking lights all around us. It was like an enchanted forest scene right out of a book. I like to think I swept her off her feet that night… But, I digress. It has been well over a decade since that night, but we like to walk through that park still in the summer. So, after lunch, we strolled for over an hour before going home.

I finished my Suicide Squad picture when we got back, then I hit the gym for an hour. It was a great workout. Today was shoulders day, and my delts were burning! I have that great post-workout feeling now as I am typing this. I just feel great. It was a really nice day, I got to draw, buy LEGO, take a long walk with my wife, and get an hour in the gym. And, to think, this morning I wondered what I would tell you!

Oh yeah, Suicide Squad. Did you see it? I thought it was okay. It entertained me, but it wasn’t my favorite DC Comics movie. There were too many characters with too little character development and back story for my liking. Harley Quinn and Joker would have needed a whole movie of their own before this one to really get a feel for their relationship, and to explain Harley’s downward spiral. And Katana? There was nothing about her except for a few passing comments. She just shows up with almost no introduction. I don’t know much about her character in the comics, but I liked her in Arrow. She is another character who could have done with a separate movie to begin with. I did like the portrayal of Amanda Waller though. Joker was interestingly different from past incarnations, though under developed. I really had no idea what was going on with the Enchantress and her brother… he just came out of nowhere… again, not enough back story. I liked the idea behind the movie though, and how they tied it into Batman V Superman, and had cameos with Batman and Flash. What did you think?

Well, I have probably talked your ear off. Until next time,


p.s. Shout out to Part-Time Monster for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share.