December 10, 2023

LEGO on vacation… Day 2

So, we arrived at the cottage yesterday in the late morning, and then it rained on and off through the afternoon and evening. This morning it was nice when we first got up, and then in rained on and off for the rest of the day. We did get to enjoy our morning coffee outside, and it has cleared up again this evening.

The rain is not so bad. It has given me the opportunity to do some more indoorsy things that I like. I completed a couple of LEGO blog posts that I will put online after my two week sojourn into vacation writing. I also did some drawings for the colouring pages section. Most of those I am also saving for later. I am trying to build up a bank of stuff so that I can keep posting even when I start getting busy with work again. But, I do have one colouring page that I will put online tonight…

I acquired the extended edition of Batman V Superman, and that turned into one of the rain activities last night. I do like that movie for the most part. I liked it even more the second time I saw it. I often go into movies and think too critically about them the first time around. People harp on that movie quite a bit, but I enjoy it. And, I like Ben Affleck as Batman. Some of you are going to moan and groan about this next statement, but I like him more than Christian Bale. I never felt Bale was the definitive Batman, nor did I find the Nolan trilogy to be the definitive Batman filmography. They were good, but they did not “wow” me. Affleck’s Batman is the closest I have seen to the comic book and Arkham videogames that I love. That scene where he is saving Martha? That is Batman. Henry Cavill is also my favorite Superman, he might even be the definitive Superman for me. Then there is Wonder Woman. Why on earth did it take so long for Wonder Woman to reach the big screen? Gal Gadot is awesome in the role. I can’t wait for her solo film (the new trailer looks so cool).

There are a few things that take the movie down a few notches for me though. It is too long. I also don’t like this adaptation of Doomsday. I think how they pitted Batman and Superman against each other was clever. They also needed something like Doomsday to pull them together. But, this Doomsday was just off for me. His ability to absorb energy is not how I remember him from The Death of Superman back in the ’90s. They should have stayed truer to that. I also did not need the glimpse of things to come with desert Batman, the parademons, and all the buildup to Darkseid. I think it would have been enough to just show those little video clips of the other meta-humans. That was a really nice tie-in to the future Justice League movies. But, I digress…

Today’s colouring page is LEGO Wonder Woman. And not just any adaptation either, this is specifically the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman. Click here to download for free!

LEGO Wonder Woman colouring page!

Sorry, I get really into my super hero stuff… But, like I said before, the rain cleared this evening. Wifey and I got in a workout and a walk before we jumped into the lake for our first swim! The water was really nice and refreshing. Tomorrow should be hot, so more swimming to come!

Until next time,


Day 2 Coffee
Morning coffee on the dock.