December 7, 2023

LEGO Fountain Freebie Review

This has actually been one of my highly anticipated sets of the summer. I have known it was coming for some time now, and I made real sure that I was in the LEGO Store the first weekend that it was available. I didn’t want a repeat of the pirate fiasco of ’15 (my local store ran out of the Pirates exclusive). I have been working on a MOC of the now-retired Bike Shop and Café, and have planned a nice park next to the café that will incorporate this fountain as well as one of my other anticipated sets: Fun in the Park – City People Pack (60134). So, here are my thoughts!


What’s Included:
The set comes with two Minifigs: a female reporter, and the grey statue for the fountain. There is also a dog, a sword, four golden frogs, a yellow bicycle, and some transparent blue crystal pieces (the water jets). The total piece count is 105.

Value: 5/5
You can’t really complain about the piece count and value because the set is free. LEGO advertises the set has having a $9.99 value. I am guessing that is USD since the 90 piece sets usually retail for $12.99 in Canada. You have to spend $75 to get this freebie though. If you take into account that you spend $100 to get $5 back with the VIP program, you are essentially getting a double VIP points offer with this set.

The trash can looks nice, but is flimsy like nothing else.

The Build: 4/5
Building this set was fast, but that is to be expected with only 105 pieces. The instructions were easy to follow, and I really like how the crystals were used to make water jets. My major complaint is the trash can. It follows the same design as the one in on the sidewalk for the Brick Bank (10251). It looks nice, but it is flimsy like nothing else. But, the end product is still aesthetically pleasing.


The alternate statue build.

The Minifigures: 4/5
The statue comes with two alternate builds. You can have the winged knight depicted on the box, or you can change it up for a female angel holding a flag. I have taken a midway approach with my own fountain. I like the female figure more, but not the flag. So, I have used the female angel statue with the knight’s sword (see below).


The female reporter is nothing special. She could have been built from the Build-a-Minifig station in the LEGO Store. In fact, I have gotten that same top she is wearing from said station. She has a generic face that goes with the modular Creator sets. I would have preferred a little more character to go with Fun in the Park.

The generic Minifigure enjoying her morning read and cookie.


Fun Value: 4/5
By itself, there is not much fun value to this set. It looks nice, as I said before, but it is not a stand-alone set. Also mentioned earlier, I plan to use this with Fun in the Park. Given that these two sets were released in the same month, I am guessing that was the point. For use as part of an AFOL city, it is great fun. But, for actually playing with it, it loses a point.

Overall: 85%
Great value, pretty good build, great addition to any LEGO city, and pretty good minifigs. Averaging out these scores give this set a solid A.

My variant of the fountain.

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