September 22, 2023

LEGO Minifigures: Series 15 (Part 5)


Clumsy Guy hobbles down the street.

I have to say that my favorite Minifigures are the “everyday” ones. It is fun to fill my growing LEGO city with people of all types, but Minifigs like the wrestler and ballerina don’t really fit in with everyday people. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun for sure. I will also build scenarios that go with them. But, Minifigs like Clumsy Guy, can just be thrown in on the street. He is believable hobbling down Main Street. People look at him and chuckle, and wonder about his story, or even start to make up their own story for him.


Doesn’t he look sad?

This Minifigure is great. He has a pretty unique face complete with Band-Aids, and comes with a bandage cap. The crutches are also an awesome accessory. In typical LEGO humour, Clumsy Guy’s t-shirt is printed with an evil banana, hinting at Clumsy Guy’s misfortune. The back of the torso is not printed, but the cast on his leg does continue all the way around. There is also the nice detail of signatures on the cast. Overall, this is a well through-out and hilarious character. I give him a 5/5.


Download your free Clumsy Guy colouring page here!

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