December 3, 2023

Captain America

A review of the Captain America’s Motorcycle polybag

DSC_0396So, I finally found the time to squeeze in a trip to the movies. Coincidentally, I happened to see Captain America: Civil War on the same weekend as the free Captain America polybag offer at the LEGO Store. I got the polybag first, and then got all pumped to put it together as I watched the movie. I really enjoyed the film. I have liked all of the Captain America movies, the first one being my favorite. The Winter Soldier was entertaining, but I think that Civil War might just be a little better. Though, truth be told, Civil War is not really a Captain America movie, but an Avengers movie. It really did not focus all that much on Cap himself in my opinion. But, it was still a great show.

DSC_0378The Minifig is equally great. I have always been more of a DC fan myself, but I do still like all the Marvel Avengers and X-Men related movies (minus perhaps the second Thor). So, I would not mind having the LEGO Minifigures. However, I don’t really want to buy all of the sets just for that purpose, so I really jumped on the opportunity to get this polybag.

Cap’s motorcycle is nothing to write home about. It looks more like a dirt bike with a sidecar attached. There is a holder for Cap’s shield on the sidecar and a little flick missile. Like I said, nothing special. The Minifig is another story. He is wonderfully detailed on both the front and back of his torso. There is no detailing on his legs, but that is no big deal in my opinion. The head piece is nicely done, but the wings have not been painted on. Overall though, I give this Minifig a very enthusiastic thumbs up. And since he came free with my last LEGO purchase, I love it even more! $35 for stuff I was going to buy anyway was well worth it to get this one!