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Minifigure Monday Mayhem! [LEGO Review]

This week we are entering the ring for Minifigure Monday! In the red corner, our reigning champion, the Series 16 Kickboxer! This is another great Minifig for the series. She comes with a double-sided face, front and back print on both the torso and legs, and kickboxing headgear that can be worn in place of her hairpiece. She does not come

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An Amateur’s Guide to Underwater LEGO Photography (featuring Aquaman)

Early adventures in shooting photos underwater with LEGO… and a free colouring page to boot! I have been trying to manage my stress levels by setting aside time to do things that I enjoy. LEGO has been my primary focus, but born out of that has come an interest in photography. I am still just an amateur, dabbling in the

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