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“A” is for Armageddon

And the April A-to-Z blogging challenge begins anew (click here to visit the official website to learn more). This is my second year taking part in the challenge. This year, my theme is LEGO-fied. I will be taking pop-culture art (movie posters, album covers and such) that have meant something to me over the years, and recreating them with LEGO! Today,

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Z is for Zombies!!!

The Zombie virus is relatively new in the LEGO universe. The first recorded case of zombification in a Minifigure was in 2010 (Minifigures Series 1). Subsequent cases were documented in 2012 (Monster Fighters theme), 2015 (Minifigures Series 14 & I Love That Minifigure book), and 2016 (Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters). Two zombies have even been sighted in my own LEGO city.

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Y is for Yellow

A smiling yellow face has been synonymous with the LEGO Minifigure since its inception in 1978. Still today, LEGO’s staple themes like City, Creator, and Ninjago all have yellow Minifigures. It used to be that only monsters and aliens came in any other colour. Nowadays, all licenced themes based on real people or characters with established race in other media

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T is for Teaching

This is going to be a long one… My longest A-to-Z Challenge post so far. Though you will probably begin reading this and wonder what on Earth any of this has to do with LEGO, please keep reading. I will get to that! I am a high school science teacher. While I have taught almost every grade level at some

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S is for Sasquatch

I already posted about one of my favorite Minifigures of all time (click here to read about Hot Dog Guy). Today’s post is about another one, my LEGO sasquatch. This Minifigure was released in Series 14, and it has provided me with hours of photography entertainment. I took him on pretty much every hiking trip I went on last summer,

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