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P is for Paleontology

While LEGO has never produced a paleontology theme, they have produced paleontologist Minifigures. The subject of my photos today is from Minifigures Series 13. She came with the trilobite fossil you see in the picture, as well as a bone. The other paleontologist came in the LEGO Ideas Research Institute set, which featured all female scientists. So, both paleontologist Minifigures

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K is for Knights

LEGO Knights have been around since 1978. “Castle” has been one of their cornerstone and longest running themes. If I had more disposable income, I would be building my modern city, and a medieval one. Over the years, knights have gone from the classic smiley faced Minifigures, to the more elaborate and detailed ones that appear in the modern Minifigure series.

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I is for Islanders

In 1989, LEGO launched one of my childhood favorite themes: pirates. Five years later, the pirates Minifigures became a little more ethnically diverse with the addition of the Islanders. The Islanders were an indigenous people who inhabited the tropical islands of the pirates world. I really liked pirates, but I loved the Islanders. I collected all six of the sets in

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