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March 2022 City Sets

A new wave of sets hits stores shelves in March. We already took a look at the upcoming Speed Champions kits. Today, we share the March 2022 City sets that recently popped up on the official LEGO® website. Truth be told, we have already seen two of these. I’ve just included them here again for good measure. Back in 2021,

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Summer 2021 City Sets from the LEGO® Group

News of the summer 2021 City sets has started to surface and wildlife fans are in for a real treat. In 2017, The LEGO® Group released a Jungle Exploration theme with sets like the Jungle Halftrack Mission and Jungle Exploration Site. Each came with animal figurines. This new wave returns City Minifigures to the wilderness. Consequently, it features a wildlife

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Donut Shop Opening (60233) Review

The Donut Shop Opening (60233) set came out in 2019. However, I waited a while to pick it up. Partly, that was due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Stores closed for months more than once. Consequently, my usual deal hunting did not happen. The first lockdown in my area eased up close to my birthday. I used the opportunity to

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A Plane Comparison

Recently, I reviewed the Friends Heartlake City Airplane (41429). Prior to that, I also looked at the City Passenger Airplane (60262). When the LEGO® Group announced these sets in summer 2020, I intended to buy the City set. However, the Friends variant intrigued me as well. Ultimately, I decided to acquire both to compare the sets. Consequently, let us make

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Custom Tim Hortons Coffee Shop

The LEGO® Group launched the first annual Build Day on December 26, 2020. They encouraged fans to show their builds on social media with the hashtag #LEGOBuildDay. With the usual Christmas rush, I think it is a great idea to just stay home and build something on Boxing Day. That is especially true with the current state of the world

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January 2021 City Sets Announced

The LEGO® Group officially announced the January 2021 City sets. Included in this wave is the new iteration of roads. The internet is abuzz about this buildable streets. There is some controversy surrounding them with some collectors wanting the baseplates of old. I will reserve judgement for now and wait to build them. However, I do wonder how these roads

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