October 1, 2023

How to Build a LEGO® Conifer

Back in June, I headed out to Toronto. While there, I hit up the LEGO® Store at Sherway Gardens and got a new stamp in my LEGO® passport. Additionally, I filled a cup at the Pick-and-Build wall. They had some interesting sand green modified bricks with a stud on the side, and modified tiles with the clip on top. While looking at the bricks, it occurred to me that I could use the elements to make a simple, little tree. I love conifers, and the modified tile looks a little like evergreen needles. A few weeks ago, I built a different model of conifer. Now, I have a couple of different “species” for an eventual forest build. Better yet, I made instructions for you! Here’s how to build a LEGO® conifer!

How to build a LEGO tree

Similar to my last tree instructions, this model is pretty small. However, this model is meant to be that way. With the previous tree, you could easily build it up. The current model doesn’t get much bigger. You might be able to add a layer or two. However, as your branches get longer, they also become prone to falling off. With that said, you can learn how to build a LEGO® conifer by downloading the free instructions below. Let me know what you think of this design in the comments below or on social media.

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Instructions for how to build a LEGO® conifer

If you want to learn how to build a LEGO® conifer, I’ve prepared instructions with a parts list for you for free! Truthfully, you can probably recreate this tree using the images in this article. However, the instructions make the process a little easier. If you build one, please share it and tag @truenorthbricks (Instagram or TikTok) so I can see! I’m especially interested to see how people customize their own versions of this conifer.

Click here to download these tree instructions!

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