December 3, 2023

April 2023 LEGO® Haul

Currently, the LEGO® Store has three gifts-with-purchase (GWPs) available. Interestingly, you can get all three with a purchase of $200 CAD or more. The freebies are the Flowerpot (40588), 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue (40582), and the Spring Fun VIP Add-On Pack (40606). That is great value, especially considering the recent Houses of the World fiascos. I’ve kept a couple of items on wish list intentionally for an occasion such as this. I decided to go shopping for my April 2023 LEGO® haul on day one to ensure that I would get the Flowerpot. Sadly, one of the other GWPs was already sold out. But, let’s take a look at what I did score.

Watch as I unpack my April 2023 LEGO® Haul on YouTube!

First off, let’s take a look at the GWPs. Afterall, one of them was the reason for this trip. I wanted to get the Flowerpot. Incidentally, I reviewed the Easter Basket a while back, and I enjoyed that build. I like learning how to build plants. The Easter Basket and this Flowerpot both remind me of the Botanicals Collection, which has grown into an unexpected favorite theme for me. I really enjoy building those sets for the NPU (nice parts usage). Additionally, they inspire me with ideas for building Minifigure scale forests. The Flowerpot also features some great parts in those pussywillow stems.

Three GWPs was too good to pass up 🙂

I was less interested in the other two GWPs, but three in one go was hard to pass up. Sadly, I was not able to get the Spring Fun VIP Add-On. It was already sold out at the LEGO® Store I went to. However, I did get the 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue. This particular GWP was originally available back in February. We’re seeing GWP recycling more and more often these days. That is not a complaint. Sometimes you don’t have the budget or wish list items to qualify for a GWP, so it is great to get a second chance. I’m not crazy about this particular set, but I’ll take it for free with other stuff I want 😉

So, what did I buy to qualify for my GWPs? Well, I like Avatar. I think the first movie is better than the second, but I’m still willing to buy sets based on the Way of the Water. Especially if they have interesting pieces. I picked up Metkayina Reef Home on this trip for that reason. If you look at the support struts for the reef home, they look like tree trunk elements without the built in branches. I’ve long felt that the LEGO® Group needed these elements in brown to compliment the tree element with branches seen in sets like Wildlife Rescue Camp or the Friendship Tree House. Plus, I get more Na’vi minifigs should I ever decide to build Pandora.

I bought a set just for a Minifigure…

Next, a new Indiana Jones set joined my April 2023 LEGO® haul. I am not a huge fan of the films. I mean, I liked them, but I don’t put them on the same level as films like the original Jurassic Park. With that said, I still picked up Escape from the Lost Tomb. This was primarily a Minifigure purchase. There is an amazing mummy included in this set. However, I am also curious how this set compares to the only other Indiana Jones set I have ever reviewed, The Lost Tomb (7621). After all, the two sets are based on the same movie scene.

If you’re doing the math, you know that these two sets did not qualify me for the Flowerpot. I also hit up the Pick-and-Build wall. The store I visited had a nice selection of window elements, and you can never have enough of those. Additionally, I’ve been stocking up on trans-red 1×2 bricks, tiles that can pass as stones, and wall elements when they pop up. These all fall into the category of “I might need these some day”…

Despite not being a huge Indiana Jones fan, I am actually quite looking forward to building Escape from the Lost Tomb. That and the Flowerpot top my list of sets to build from this haul. The rest were essentially parts purchases for upcoming projects. Did you make an April 2023 LEGO® haul to score these GWPs? Let me know what you got in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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April 2023 LEGO Haul

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