September 29, 2023
Alien DJ MOC

Alien DJ MOC Minifigure Habitat

I recently built an Alien DJ MOC Minifigure habitat. The idea arose from a post I read on the LEGO® Ambassador Network concerning repurposing old CD shelving units. I gave it go with my old CD rack, and in the process got a great idea. Minifigure habitats are fairly common in the AFOL community. However, I built mine to specifically fill one of the old shelf spaces on my CD rack. Not only that, I decided to build a habitat for one of my all time favorite Minifigures… the Alien DJ from Vidiyo.

Alien DJ Minifigure

Vidiyo was an exceptionally short-lived theme. The theme launched in July 2021 and was dead in the water by January 31, 2022. Personally, I had mostly negative experiences with the theme and did not shed any tears went it died out. However, the theme did bring us some nice Minifigures. As mentioned before, the Alien DJ is one of my all-time favorites. I went a little crazy when Vidiyo went on liquidation… I bought 12. Additionally, I have two Boombox sets that come with the alternate color/print version of the character. My goal has always been a MOC filled with these amazing little drones. While I still have something larger in mind down the road, I decided to start with a smaller display for now.

Say what you will about Vidiyo, it brought me the amazing Alien DJ Minifigure.

My Alien DJ MOC

I imagine building an Alien DJ spaceship one day. Such a ship requires immense amounts of power. Consequently, for my Alien DJ MOC Minifigure habitat, I decided to design a prototype for my ship’s energy core. The warp core from Star Trek loosely inspired this design. I am fairly happy with the core and the table around it. Some of the computer setups will likely change in future iterations. Additionally, the room itself will be different. Shelf size constrained this particular model.

Alien DJ MOC

I am also quite happy about the ladder wall. I kind of wish I had built the opposite corner in a similar fashion. That would have given the room a more octagonal shape instead of a box… next time, I guess. The space behind the ladder wall is completely empty. I attached the ladder to a plate, and 2×2 Technic bearing plates and 2×2 plates with vertical snaps hold it in place from behind. Another fun detail is the human astronaut. What human astronaut, you ask? The one behind the rear wall. There is a window behind my Alien DJ supervisor up on the balcony. Behind that is a built in empty space with a Minifigure astronaut peering into the room from the vacuum of space.

Can you find the Minifigure astronaut?

Apart from the usual creative output, one of the fun aspects about my Alien DJ MOC is that only one side needed to look good. The rest is completely hidden in the CD rack cubicle. And it is u-g-l-y, let me tell you. I don’t often build habitats or diorama-style. I’ve only ever tried it once before. However, I still have a few shelves to fill on my CD rack, so maybe I’ll try another soon. The fact that three sides remain hidden lessens the number of design considerations you need to make for sure.

Of course, the original Alien DJ Beatbox inspired many design choices in this MOC. The color scheme is the most obvious. However, the window frame and the wall pattern behind the ladder also took inspiration from the beatbox. Additionally, I pulled the pipe attachments on the walls and the top of the energy core right off of two Beatboxes. Once I get to my spaceship MOC, I’ll probably stick to the same scheme. The colors are much brighter than I usually use, and that was refreshing. Additionally, they suit the Minifigures.

Overhead view of my Alien DJ MOC.

I am trying to build a MOC a month this year. If you’re not already, make sure you follow True North Bricks on social media. I shared my January mini-MOC on Instagram and TikTok. I’m posting progress on my current larger-scale project across platforms as well. Also, make sure to check out the IKEA shelf project that inspired this MOC. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to start a project of your own 😉

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