September 29, 2023
LaGuardia Airport LEGO Store

Visit to LaGuardia Airport, NY

I have one last LEGO® Store to share from my 2022 New York City trip! On my trip home, I made a visit to LaGuardia Airport. I was pleasantly surprised to find a LEGO® Store in the terminal. Incidentally, I have never seen one in an airport before. The store was smaller than your average shop. However, I was impressed with the selection of sets. They had several large, hard-to-find sets like Lion Knights’ Castle and the Sanctum Sanctorum. Imagine travelling with one of those in your carry-on luggage! You can see a little video clip from the store from my TikTok channel below.

While it was great to find a LEGO® Store in the airport, you will only find sets, books, keychains, and other packaged items. The store does not have a Pick-and-Build wall or a Build-a-Mini station. Additionally, they do not offer LEGO® Store passport stamps, I asked. I found that a little odd considering the store is in an airport. However, there are a couple of nice photo-ops. You will find a globe-trotting, brick-built giant minifig and a mural of the Statue of Liberty. And again, the set selection was surprisingly good.

After my visit to LaGuardia Airport, I have to start picking my layover airports based on which ones have LEGO® Stores. Apparently there are a few of them. Additionally, many airports have LEGO® vending machines. I have yet to see one, but you can be sure I’ll make a purchase I don’t need if I ever cross paths with one. I have to try it at least once, right? Have you found any airport LEGO® Stores or vending machines? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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