September 29, 2023
Visit the Flatiron LEGO Store

Visit to the Flatiron Store

I recently went to New York City for the grand opening of Toys R Us at Macy’s. Naturally, while I was there, I decided to hit up a few different LEGO® stores. Today, we’ll take a look at my visit to the Flatiron Store. Of course, I have been to this store before. The opportunity arose on a previous trip in 2017. However, back then I was not collecting stamps for my LEGO® passport. Therefore, going back on this trip was a must. This time around, I was also better equipped and took a whole slew of video to share for those of you who have not yet had the chance to go.

Get a virtual visit of the Flatiron LEGO® Store!

All in all, the Flatiron store was pretty much the same as it was in 2017. The fantastic murals and Flatiron district builds were mostly unchanged. Obviously, the set, build-a-mini (BAM), and pick-and-build (PAB) selections were different. With that said, the selection was fairly similar to what I’ve seen here at home. On my last trip, I remember being more amazed with the varied PAB selection. The store also added a Mosaic Maker booth since my last visit. I did not make one, but it looks like a fun experience. Finally, Gandalf changed locations, and one character vanished from the Statue of Liberty torch.

The LEGO® Flatiron store is more of an experience than your average store.

I love the displays at the Flatiron store. I wish all LEGO® Stores featured similar concepts with regionally specific designs. It would make visiting individual stores more exciting and provide a better experience. Ultimately, I did not purchase anything on this visit. The exchange rate is not particularly good and it is cheaper to buy my LEGO® at home. Plus, I flew this time around and carry-on restrictions don’t leave room for much in terms of souvenirs. Still, I got my store stamp for my passport to prove I went! Stay tuned, I have two more LEGO® Store visits to share from this trip.

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