September 29, 2023


The official LEGO® Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) set has been revealed. The idea for this set was part of the first 2021 Ideas Review period in 2021. Interestingly, it was one of two submissions to pass a review period with a whopping 57 projects that reached 10,000 supporters. This set is based on the Ideas submission by Hsinwei Chi from Taiwan. His submission received 10,000 votes in just 50 days! The official press release is below as well as my thoughts on the official set.


  • NAME: Jazz Quartet
  • SET #: 21334
  • THEME: Ideas
  • COST: $129.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 1606
  • RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2022
  • COST/BRICK: $0.08 (very good value)
  • DIMENSIONS: 20cm (h) x 43cm (w) x 16cm (d)
  • OF NOTE: Up to four people can build the set together
Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) full set on display
Photos used with permission. ©2022 The LEGO® Group.

Press Release


Latest fan-designed creation from LEGO is perfect for music lovers
Billund, 15th June 2022: Today, the LEGO Group has revealed the latest fan-designed set, LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet – a striking depiction of a musical ensemble in brick form, designed to be co-built by up to four friends. Designed by Taiwan based, LEGO fan, Hsinwei Chi through the LEGO Ideas platform – which offers fans the opportunity to submit their own brick creations with the chance to have their concept brought to life with the help of LEGO master designers and a share of the profits.

Let the smooth harmony and diversity of jazz music take on a new form with this latest set, which consists of a group of four musicians on a stage, with a grand piano, trumpet, double bass, and jazz drum, representing a quartet as they perform. Place the finished piece on a bookshelf and admire it whilst you relax with some melodies playing in the background.

LEGO Ideas fan designer Hsinwei Chi says, “There is nothing quite like the warmth of jazz music, so when I designed this set I wanted the LEGO bricks to truly capture the musical vitality of a live band. Much like LEGO building, free-spirited jazz can be medicine for your mind – so I hope when the Jazz Quartet set is built and displayed, people will feel a connection to the music.”

The new LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet set is available for £89.99 / € 99.99 / $ 99.99 / 169.99 AUD/ 129.99 CAD from LEGO stores and from 1st July 2022. 

©2022 The LEGO® Group
Partial model during the build process
Photos used with permission. ©2022 The LEGO® Group.

Build Together

The LEGO® Ideas Jazz Quartet is the latest set featuring the “Build Together” concept. The first set that I recall with this emblem is the Lunar New Year Traditions but there may have been others. The Build Together concept means there are separate building instructions provided for each figure which allows up to four people to build at the same time. The quartet includes four musicians and their instruments: a piano, trumpet, double bass, and jazz drum.

models building the set
Photos used with permission. ©2022 The LEGO® Group.

Comparison to the Fan Submission

I love the idea of this set. Additionally, the official model is strikingly similar to the original submission. However, the official model has lost some of the dynamic nature of the original submission. Such changes are part of the process when submitting model ideas to the LEGO® Ideas platform. LEGO® designers redesign models that pass the review stage to meet certain criteria. In some cases this means big changes, while in others the changes are quite minimal. The most noticeable changes in the Jazz Quartet are the stage, drum, pianist, and the general scale of the figures.

The stage of the final model no longer has the ornamental design along the front edge. Additionally, the stage is light tan rather than brown. However, I love that the stage can be separated to give each musician their own mini stage. Overall, the general colours of the set are similar to the fan submission. That said, a noticeable difference is the black drum face was swapped for a white drum face, and the new pianist in a bright yellow outfit. I love that they added the female pianist in the final model and her bright yellow dress really pops. In general, the figures appear slightly smaller and perhaps more similar to the scale of miniland figures seen at Legoland. The other figure that seems different is the trumpeter. Although a similar stance, the official model appears less organic in his posture.

Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) showing separate stands for each musician
Photos used with permission. ©2022 The LEGO® Group.

Different Scale

Overall, I love that this set uses a different scale than we are used to seeing from LEGO®. After all, LEGO® is traditionally minifigure scale. However, we have also seen a lot of larger scale models recently. These include the Grand Piano, Fender Stratocaster, the NES, and the Typewriter. The LEGO® Ideas Jazz Quartet brings a whole new scale to LEGO® fans. It will certainly make a great display piece. What are your thoughts on the Jazz Quartet? Tell us below or connect with us on social media!

Play well folks,

-Krista (she/her)

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