December 4, 2023

Val Zod Minifigure Coming in 2022

While perusing LEGO® deals for this week’s post, I found something interesting. Indigo published a new listed for the updated DC Comics Character Encyclopedia. Back in 2016, I reviewed the first edition of this book. It was one of True North Brick’s earliest reviews. I acquired the last edition because of the exclusive Pirate Batman included with the book. In 2022, the updated volume hits store shelves. Additionally, it once again has an exclusive character. This time around, the book includes an exclusive Val Zod Minifigure.

Exclusive Val Zod Minifigure included in the upcoming LEGO DC Comics Character Encyclopedia.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Val Zod is the Superman of an alternate universe in the DC Comics Multiverse. Specifically, he hails from Earth-2. Like the Superman we all know and love, Val is also Kryptonian and managed to escape the planet’s destruction. As such, he also has all the standard Superman powers derived from our yellow sun. This Minifigure looks super detailed. At this point, we only get a front view. However, on close examination, the character’s legs do not appear dual molded. There is a fringe of white along the upper edges of the hips in the picture. This suggests the blue is only printed on the front, similar to the exclusive John Stewart and Jessica Cruz Green Lantern minifigs seen in the past.

The updated DC Comics Character encyclopedia features 200 pages and costs $28.99 in Canada. You can pre-order the book already on the Indigo website. However, the official release date is May 17, 2022. Will you pick one up for the exclusive Val Zod Minifigure? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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