June 5, 2023

Minifigures Series 22 Revealed

While there is no word from the LEGO® Group yet, official images of Minifigures Series 22 surfaced online. The pictures showed up on the site of German retailer JB Spielwaren. Based on their posting, we assume the blind bags will retail for $4.99 CAD as usual. Additionally, series 22 hits stores on January 1, 2022. However, other retailers may offer them sooner. I have found the last several series at Toys R Us weeks before their availability at the LEGO® Store. While that is no guarantee, series 22 could potentially show up any day now.

Note: this article was updated on December 14 with the correct English names for each character.

Minifigures Series 22

As previously mentioned, series 22 contains 12 new Minifigure designs. At original publication, all we had were names translated from German by Google (crosses out below). The names were updated once English information became available. The roster includes:

  • Farm Girl with foal Horse and Groom
  • Figure Skater Figure Skating Champion
  • Blue Bard Troubadour
  • Racing Wheelchair Driver Wheelchair Racer
  • Raccoon Costume Girl Fan
  • Ornithologist Bird-Watcher
  • Chili Costume Girl Fan
  • Forest Boy Elf
  • Snow Warrior Guardian
  • Fantasy Warrior Woman Night Protector
  • Insect Alien Space Creature
  • Repair Robot Robot Repair Tech

There are a few interesting characters here from my standpoint. I love the costumed characters, so the raccoon and chili pepper rank high on my list. Interestingly, this is the first time we see a LEGO® toucan and foal as well. Granted, similar animals existed earlier in lines like Duplo and Friends. However, these are the first aimed at Minifigures. Finally, the Blue Bard is sure to please Castles fans, and it goes well with both the Medieval Blacksmith and Medieval Castle sets. Who is your favorite character from Minifigures Series 22? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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Minifigures Series 22

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