September 28, 2023

Happy Holidays 2020

Happy Holidays 2020 readers,

This year has been one for the books, and not necessarily in a good way. However, despite the pandemic, lockdowns, and social distancing, the holidays are here. This Christmas is going to be quiet for me. Currently, my city is in the grips of a second wave of COVID-19. We are going into isolation again. Consequently, the government has banned all holiday gatherings. While sad, it also provides a unique opportunity for some much needed rest. There is nothing to do but stay home. We all need that sometimes and we should all take this chance to disconnect from the status quo.

I plan to build LEGO® sets, draw, read, and maybe watch some television and movies. I plan to enjoy my Christmas tree by the fireplace. Interestingly, despite having spent over a decade of Christmases together, my wife and I will spend our first Christmas quietly at home, just the two of us. We will feel the absence of extended family and friends, but a lockdown Christmas will not be all that bad. I encourage you all to focus on the positives of this strange situation. Additionally, take time to reconnect with all the things you enjoy but do not normally have time for.

I already began my relaxation by drawing a virtual holiday greeting card. It features three elves from this year’s Elf Clubhouse set. Additionally, I am disconnecting a little from the internet. True North Bricks will be “closed” for Christmas this year with no posts on December 24 and 25. Consequently, this means the usual deals post will not happen on Friday. However, we will return with online Boxing Day deals on Saturday, December 26.

Wishing you and yours happy holidays this 2020,


Happy Holidays 2020 from True North Bricks

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