September 24, 2023

Black Friday 2020 LEGO® Deals in Canada

UPDATE: This article was modified on Saturday, November 28, 2020 to reflect updated deals for the weekend. As a general note, the deals are not as good today as they were yesterday. I left yesterday’s sale items on the list for interest’s sake, but removed the links to those sets and struck them through for clarity.

While Black Friday 2020 deals have been popping up all month, the actual Black Friday is now upon us. If you are looking for some amazing LEGO® Deals, below is your one stop list. Amazon is the definite winner in terms of overall deals. However, other stores have their fair share too! The LEGO Store has some freebies and accessories on discount, while JR Toys is your best best for Hidden Side. I will update this list as I become aware of other deals.


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Black Friday 2020 Charles Dickens Tribute
Charles Dickens Tribute free with purchases over $150 online and in store.
Free for VIPs with the purchase of the Colosseum.
Free with purchases over $40 in store only.


Walmart’s online deals are a little scant. Many sets are listed as “Black Friday”, but are actually regular price. However, I have heard in store savings are pretty good at some locations. I have been informed of a large Classic brick set, Hogwarts Great Hall, and Jurassic World T. Trex Vs Dino-Mech among others. Below are the online savings, but you might score big if you venture to a store.


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Click here to view all of the LEGO® sets on sale. Unless specified on the site, you don’t need a membership to buy most of the sets seen. In my experience, sets ending in *.00 are pretty much the same price as at the LEGO® Store. The following sets are on sale:

  • Architecture: Dubai
  • Architecture: Empire State Building
  • Architecture: New York
  • Architecture: Paris
  • Architecture: San Francisco
  • Architecture: Tokyo
  • Architecture: Trafalgar Square
  • Boost: Creative Toolbox
  • City: Police Station
  • City: Tuning Workshop
  • Classic: Large Creative Brick Box
  • Creator: Monster Burger Truck
  • Disney: Arendelle Castle Village
  • Disney: Enchanted Tree House
  • Friends: Beach House
  • Friends: Heartlake City Hospital
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Great Hall
  • Harry Potter: Knight Bus
  • Hidden Side: El Fuego’s Stunt Truck
  • Hidden Side: Ghost Train Express
  • Hidden Side: Shrimp Shack Attack
  • Ideas: Dinosaur Fossils
  • Ideas: Flintstones
  • Ideas: International Space Station
  • Jurassic World: Triceratops Rampage
  • Marvel Superheroes: Avengers Compound Battle
  • Ninjago: Land Bounty
  • Speed Champions: Mini Cooper and John Cooper
  • Star Wars: AT-ST Raider
  • Star Wars: Boba Fett Helmet
  • Technic: Land Rover Defender
  • Technic: Liebherr R 9800
  • Technic: Stunt Show Truck and Bike
  • Technic: Top Gear Rally Car (app-controlled)

The following sets are not sale, but they come with a free set:

  • DC Comics Superheroes: 1989 Batmobile with a free Speed Champions 1985 Audi Sport Quattro
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Castle with bonus Harry Potter Whomping Willow
  • Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage with free Classic Large Creative Brick Box


The following deals are available until November 29. Click here to go shop.

  • Architecture: Empire State Building (15% off)
  • Boost: Droid Commander (15% off)
  • City: Advent Calendar (15% off)
  • City: Air Race (15% off)
  • Classic: Creative Bricks (20% off)
  • DC Superheroes: Wonder Woman VS Cheetah (20% off)
  • Friends: Advent Calendar (15% off)
  • Friends: Heartlake City Hospital (15% off)
  • Harry Potter: 4 Privet Drive (12% off)
  • Harry Potter: Advent Calendar (15% off)
  • Hidden Side: Ghost Train Express (20% off)
  • Hidden Side: Graveyard Mystery (20% off)
  • Hidden Side: Haunted Fairground (20% off)
  • Hidden Side: Mystery Castle (20% off)
  • Hidden Side: Newbury Haunted Prison (20% off)
  • Hidden Side: Newbury Subway Station (20% off)
  • Hidden Side: The Hidden Side (20% off)
  • Star Wars: 501st Legion Stormtroopers (12% off)
  • Star Wars: Armored Assault Tank (12% off)
  • Star Wars: AT-AT (12% off)
  • Star Wars: D-O (15% off)
  • Star Wars: Sith TIE Fighter (15% off)
  • Star Wars: Snowspeeder (15% off)
  • Star Wars: Stormtrooper Helmet (12% off)
  • Star Wars: The Child (10% off)
  • Technic: Compact Crawler Crane (15% off)


  • Super Mario: Starter Course $20 off


The following deals apply to sets with price tags ending in *.99:

  • 15% off on all regularly priced Star Wars sets
  • 15% off on all regularly priced Speed Champions sets
  • 15% off on all City sets regularly priced under $39.99
  • 15% off on all Friends sets regularly priced under $39.99