December 8, 2023

Adidas A-ZX LEGO Style

Teasers surfaced on social media a couple of weeks ago involving a collaboration between the LEGO® Group and Adidas. The joint effort produced a fun new take on the classic Adidas ZX shoe. The resulting ZX8000 features the silhouette of an Adidas icon decked out in LEGO® style. Take a look at the Adidas A-ZX LEGO sneakers!

Adidas A-ZX LEGO sneakers

The official press release describes the ZX8000 shoes as follows:

Designed as an ode to the classic LEGO® brick, this unique ZX8000 sneaker is comprised of a multicolor mesh and synthetic suede upper with a rubber outsole. Meanwhile, taking its bold aesthetics to the next level, the shoe features LEGO studs on the heels as well as co-branded tongue tabs. Then, rounding out the look are co-branded yellow sock liners, 6 different colored lace options, and interchangeable LEGO brick lace jewels.

Adidas A-ZX LEGO sneakers

Set to release on September 25, these shoes will be hard to get. The press release does not explicitly mention distribution in Canada. However, information for the United States is available. Consequently, I anticipate Canada lumped in with the United States in usual marketing style. However, with no clear word, it is worth checking the Adidas Canada website on September 25 to be sure.

Sadly, these shoes will not be retailed widely in North America.

For the United States, the ZX8000 LEGO® shoes are available through raffle on the Adidas app. You can pre-register for the raffle starting on September 21, 2020 in the app. The draw occurs on September 25. Additionally, will offer a limited run of the product for VIPs. You can outright purchase the shoes for 15,600 VIP points. Alternatively, entries into a sweepstakes cost 50 VIP points each for a maximum of 15 entries. Non-VIPs can enter the sweepstakes once for free by creating a new VIP account. The sweepstakes begins September 25.

Oddly enough, if you are outside of North America or Western Europe, the LEGO® Adidas shoes will be directly purchasable through regional Adidas sites. My disappointment with this marketing decision is profound. I want these shoes and chances are I will not get them. They would go so well with the Levi’s line coming out this fall. Why not retail them fairly around the world? I am no marketing guru, but the decision does not make sense to me. How do you feel about the Adidas A-ZX LEGO sneakers and their availability? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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