December 3, 2023

LEGO® Build and Talk

COVID-19 has many ongoing impacts on society. One is increased screen time. Lockdowns around the world have people online more than ever. This is particularly true of children. Kids spend more time on the internet for entertainment, but also for education. E-learning relies heavily on the web. But, how do you prepare kids for it? If you are a parent asking this question, LEGO® Build and Talk can help!

LEGO® Build and Talk slogan: Small Builds for Big Conversations.
©2020 The LEGO® Group.

Build and Talk is a free online initiative from the LEGO® Group launched this week. It runs with the slogan “small builds for big conversations”. The official press release describes the program as “a series of creative challenges which offer parents and their kids an enjoyable, guided method to engage in conversations about being a good digital citizen and the importance of online safety.”

©2020 The LEGO® Group.

The LEGO® Group is offering three free activity packs. You can download them to guide educational play sessions with your kids. Each pack includes inspiration to build characters. You construct them using LEGO® bricks that you already have. The packs also including talking points and guiding questions for parents to use. Topics include managing screen time, trolling, online bullying, scams, and information sharing, among others. The program was developing inline with UNICEF’s digital safety guidelines.

©2020 The LEGO® Group.

Again, the resources are free. You can download the activity guides using the link below. Hopefully, this helps navigate the concept of digital citizenship!

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