June 8, 2023

Fast and Furious

Today, a new set popped up for pre-order on Shop-At-Home. It features an interesting partnership with Universal Entertainment, Dodge, and the LEGO® Group. The announcement of the collaboration came a while back. However, the official set images are now up. LEGO® Technic is getting Fast and Furious with a brick-built model of Dom’s Dodge Charger.

LEGO Fast and Furious box art.
LEGO® Fast and Furious box art (©2020 The LEGO Group).

The Dodge Charger costs $139.99 in Canada. In other markets you can expect $99.99 US, and approximately €99.99 (depending on what European country you live in). In terms of specifics:

  • NAME: Dom’s Dodge Charger
  • SET #: 42111
  • THEME: Technic
  • BRICK COUNT: 1077
  • DIMENSIONS: 39 cm (15”) long, 16 cm (6”) wide, 11 cm (4”) high
  • RELEASE DATE: April 27, 2020 (pre-order now)
Fast and Furious Dom's Dodge Charger rear box art.
Rear box art for Dom’s Dodge Charger (©2020 The LEGO Group).

Dom’s Dodge Charger is a decent value.

At $0.13/brick, the set is a decent value. Comparatively, my current average cost-per-brick is $0.14. Therefore, this kit is slightly better than average. Apparently, it also comes stocked with features. The official press release describes the set as follows:

The authentic replica of Dom’s all-time favourite car is packed with the same realistic details seen in the films. Just like the full-size version, the hood of the LEGO® Technic™ Dom’s Dodge Charger pops open to reveal the iconic V8 engine. Fans can feel like they’re in the garage with Dom fixing up his latest project as they build moving pistons, double wishbone suspension, a wheelie bar to show off the car’s best moves and (of course) put the nitro bottles in the trunk. If things get too hot, there’s a fire extinguisher in the cockpit too.

Dom's Dodge Charger from the Fast and Furious franchise.
Dom’s Dodge Charger (©2020 The LEGO Group).

I must admit that I have not watched any films from the franchise since Paul Walker’s final installment. However, I have enjoyed them in the past. I like the Fast & Furious franchise as fun, mindless entertainment. I even produced a LEGO-fied poster for the first film (click here to see it). The announcement that the LEGO® Group was pursuing the license intrigued me. Sadly, upon seeing these images of the first set, I find myself uninterested. This seems like a missed opportunity in my books. Producing Dom’s Dodge Charger as a Technic set makes it Fast & Furious in name only. Consequently, this kit is no different from the Porsche 911, or Corvette ZR1 in my mind. It is just a car. Making this a set through a collaboration with only Dodge would have produced the same effect as incorporating Universal Entertainment into the mix.

In the end, this set is not very “Fast and Furious”.

Rear view of Dom's Dodge Charger from the Fast and Furious films.
Rear view of Dom’s Dodge Charger (©2020 The LEGO Group).

To be truly Fast & Furious, this set needs the film’s characters too. I would have bought this if it had been Speed Champions scale with Minifigures resembling movie characters. As a Technic set, it is a hard pass for me. I can see car enthusiasts liking it, but again, it does not need the Fast & Furious logo for that appeal. With that said, including characters would have complicated licensing. Additionally, making sets on a smaller scale would have brought the theme in direct competition with Speed Champions. Perhaps making this a sub-theme of Speed Champions could work?

Popping a wheelie (LEGO Fast and Furious)
Popping a wheelie (©2020 The LEGO Group).

Dom’s Dodge Charger is a decent looking Technic set. Personally, I am not excited by it, but car enthusiasts might get a kick. It just doesn’t say “Fast & Furious” to me without the logo printed on the box. What do you think? Share your comments below or shout out on social media.

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