September 29, 2023

Top Gear Rally Car

There is some exciting news today for Technic fans. The LEGO® Group is teaming up with BBC and Top Gear to bring you an automotive themed set complete with app control! The team from Top Gear co-designed the Technic App Controlled Top Gear Rally Car set with the LEGO® Group. This resulted in a true-to-form GT rally car for LEGO® and racing fans alike.

The Rally Car features realistic mobility. The car drives via the Technic CONTROL+ app and Bluetooth. Your device connects to an included Bluetooth smart hub, which in turn relays commands to two motors (one large and another XL model).

Drive the Top Gear Rally Car with the Technic CONTROL+ app!

App controlled Technic Top Gear Rally Car
App controlled Rally Car, ©2019 The LEGO® Group.

In terms of price, there is no information for Canadians yet. However, the set will retail at $129.00 in the United States. That will probably place the Rally Car in the $150 neighborhood in Canada. The kit will contain 463 bricks, and will be available on December 26, 2019.

Blueprints for Rally Car, ©2019 The LEGO® Group.

I am not a big Technic fan myself. I use the elements mostly for structural support in my custom city buildings. However, the remote controlled aspect looks fun. I would love to hear some thoughts on this project from the Technic fans out there. As always, I am also happy to relay any thoughts to the LEGO® Group via the Ambassador Network. For more LEGO® news, click here.

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