September 30, 2023

September 2019 City Update

It has been a long while since I last shared an update of my LEGO® city. I moved a year ago, which resulted in much of my metropolis being disassembled. Consequently, I have been slowly building it up again over the last twelve months. The key word in that sentence is SLOWLY. I have been reluctant to share much on it as a result. However, how will you all see the evolution of my cityscape if I do not even post pics? Surely, I have shared some MOC projects over the last few months. Those have given glimpses of the city. Today we will take a look at my September 2019 city update.

September 2019 City Update main street.
A look at Main Street.

My long-term goal is to have the downtown core encircled by the tracks for my commuter train. I learned early on that the tracks waste a lot of potential building space, particularly at the corners of tables. As a result, in one corner, I have started to build above the tracks. In the end, most of the tracks will end up being covered, and will function as a sort of subway.

September 2019 City Update.
To save space, I am building over the train tracks.

The only custom section of the city at this point is my police station MOC. You can also find the beginnings of my shopping promenade (which only features the LEGO® Store right now). The tram that passes in front of the LEGO® Store will eventually run the whole length of the promenade. I have many shop plans, but I have not had the time to build them yet. I also focused my summer building on Ninjago City.

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September 2019 City Update.
Shopping promenade tram.

At present, I am toying with the idea of having the tram extend into the Ninjago City district. This quartier of my city is outside of the downtown core. The commuter train will only pass the outskirts Ninjago City.  Additionally, I am not sure if the roads will go there or if I will keep it a pedestrian neighborhood. Some form of public transportation connecting it to the main city will be necessary. I am not showing too much about Ninjago City today. I have a separate article about my latest MOC in that neighborhood, and will post another update about it soon.

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September 2019 City Update.
My temporary Main Street set up.

At this time, Main Street is a temporary set up. Creator Expert modular buildings line the road. I love those sets, and they will stay in the city. However, I will be moving them around. I also plan to start building upwards to maximize space. My aim is to make street level all MOCs, and re-build the modular sets above them on another tier of the city.

September 2019 City Update.
The corner of Main Street is under construction.

In terms of other plans, I am thinking of retiring my corner sandwich shop MOC. It contains a photography studio, but so does Assembly Square. I do not need two of the same business. My sandwich shop building also contains an eye clinic. However, with a hospital coming, I will probably move the clinic there. Additionally, my Tim Hortons coffee shop will also be getting an upgrade. I am planning to incorporate it into my custom hospital project. That will probably be my next undertaking. Finally, I am thinking about upgrading the LEGO® Store too.

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September 2019 City Update.
My LEGO city has many of the brands that I enjoy.

My city is not huge at this point. Before moving, it used to be bigger. However, it is growing. I am also trying to do a little urban planning this time around in order to maximize my space use. I have not included much about Ninjago City, or Apocalypseburg in this post, but I do have plans for them. Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas on the city or future progress in the comments below. You can also reach out on social media.

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Current view of the downtown core of my city.

More September 2019 city update photos…

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