December 10, 2023

Canadian LEGO® Deals (09/06/19)

This week’s Canadian LEGO® Deals (09/06/19) are not phenomenal, but even a small savings is better than nothing. There are a lot of pretty standard 20% off deals.

Affiliate Canadian LEGO® Deals (09/06/19)

These affiliate links earn True North Bricks a small commission. That helps to keep content here free. Prices are not shown here due to their ever changing nature, and requirements of the affiliate programs I belong to.

Chapters & Indigo

The following sets are on sale:

The LEGO® Store

Free with purchases over $50 until September 15.
Free with purchases over $60 until September 8.
Pig free with purchase of Dragon Boat Race set.

The following sets are on sale:

It is worthwhile checking in store as well since deals vary quite a bit from location to location. Click here to view all of the specials on the Walmart site. Otherwise, the deals are:

Non-Affiliate Canadian LEGO® Deals (09/06/19)

True North Bricks does not earn any commission from the following retailers for advertising their Canadian LEGO® deals.


The prices below were compared to the regular price at the LEGO® Store. You do not need a membership to access these deals online.

  • City: Passenger Train for $149.99 (25% off)
  • City: Downtown Fire Brigade for $110.09 (20% off)
  • Classic: Large Creative Brick Box for $47.99 (20% off)
  • Creator: Cruising Adventures for $59.99 (25% off)
  • Friends: Heartlake Resort for $99.99 (23% off)
  • Harry Potter: Whomping Willow for $69.99 (22% off)
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Great Hall for $99.99 (23% off)
  • Ideas: Ship in a Bottle for $79.99 (12% off)
  • Minecraft: The Bedrock Adventures for $78.99 (21% off)
  • Star Wars: BB-8 for $88.99 (32% off)
  • Technic: Rough Terrain Crane for $259.99 (25% off)
  • Technic: Porsche 911 RSR Race Car for $158.99 (20% off)
  • Toy Story 4: Buzz and Woody’s Carnival Mania for $54.99 (21% off)

Hudson’s Bay

The following sets are on sale:

  • City: Fire Response Unit for $34.99 (30% off)
  • All Star Wars sets are 15% off.

Mastermind Toys

20% off on all City and Friends sets until September 15. This sale does not apply to recently released sets.

Toys R Us

There is 20% off on the following regularly priced sets (price tags ending in *.99):

  • City sets priced under $49.99
  • Disney Princess sets
  • Jurassic World sets
  • Speed Champions sets