September 24, 2023

City Update: Custom Townhouse

Back in January of 2018, I reviewed the Creator Park Street Townhouse (31065 – click here to read the review). I signed off on the review with plans to modify the design into that of a modular building for my city. Well, the job has been done, and the Park Street Townhouse is now part of my latest city block development. It is nestled right in between my custom police station, and the Bike Shop.

My modified Park Street Townhouse.

As I said in my initial review of the set, I really liked the exterior look of the building, so I wanted to stay true to that. For that reason, the outside should look pretty familiar. The major difference between the original set and my version is an additional floor. The fire escape is also shared with the police station next door, and the ladders are built into the police station wall, so they are not visible from the angle of the photo above.

The basement of my Park Street Townhouse mod.

I kept the basement level pretty true to the original. I liked the little fireplace, and the TV set-up. I did fill it out a little by adding a potted plant, a coffee table, and I extended the couch into a corner piece. Stairs were also a must, and there is now a flight leading up to each floor of the house.

Entry level of my Park Street Townhouse mod.

Upstairs is the entry level. As in the original, stairs lead up from the street to the front door. In the original set, this level of the building didn’t have much going on. I added another plant, as well as a dinner table and chairs. I also filled out the kitchen, and even tucked a little fridge under the stairs (it is aesthetic though, and doesn’t open).

The second floor of my Park Street Townhouse mod.

The next floor is currently half empty. I will probably turn this empty area into a little office space with a computer. It has nice floor to ceiling windows, and I could imagine myself working in a space like that. In the back you have a bathroom complete with sink, toilet, and bathtub. The fire escape can be accessed through an opening window.

The top floor of my Park Street Townhouse mod.

The top floor of the building is the bedroom. There is currently only a bed and two night tables up there. The bedroom has a skylight for stargazing. It also opens up onto a balcony, just like in the original. However, I modified the balcony design a little. The whole window wall swung open in the actual set. I converted that into a sliding glass door, which I thought would be more realistic.

The balcony with sliding door in my Park Street Townhouse mod.

The building looks a little lower from the back because you can’t actually see the bottom two levels. They are hidden by the staircase leading down from my shopping promenade to the coffee shop. But, there are two large bay windows that open up in that direction.

The rear of my Park Street Townhouse mod (middle building beside police station)

Overall, it is a pretty nice piece of real estate in my LEGO® city, which happens to be located in a trendy, up and coming neighborhood. I would like to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below. I would also be interested to hear about your modification projects with this set! Also, if you like the content at True North Bricks, I would love it if you followed me here on WordPress (click the “follow” option in the menu to your right), FacebookPinterest, or Twitter for regular updates.

Until next time,