September 28, 2023

March 2019 Double VIP Points!!!

I am excited to be able to announce that double VIP points has returned at the LEGO® Store and LEGO® Shop-at-Home!!! From March 23 until March 31, any purchase will get you double points. This is a great time to buy those large, hard-to-find sets that never go on sale (ex: Creator Expert sets, Star Wars UCS sets…)

Double VIP points is on at the LEGO® Store until March 31, 2019.

As with previous years, I was half expecting this announcement. The LEGO® Store has had a double points event every March for the last few years. Once upon a time, it used to last the whole month, and it would be advertised in advance on the store calendars. Last year was the first time that the double points event did not last all of March, and was not advertised until the day it began. This year, we only get one week of double points, and again, no advertising. I did my usual LEGO® deals update yesterday, and there was no mention of it. But, one week is better than none at all.

Go crazy with those big, hard-to-find sets!

If you want to take advantage of double VIP points, I would appreciate if you would use the affiliate link below. Using it will earn me a little commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to manage some of the costs associated with running this blog, and keeps all content at True North Bricks free. Thanks for your support!

Click here to visit the LEGO® Store online and shop! (link removed once deal expired)

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