Canadian LEGO® Deals

This week, there are some pretty good deals to be had. The LEGO® Store has updated their freebie of the week, and it is a good one! You can get the Marvel Minifigure pack from last Bricktober, but only until Sunday. Chapters and Indigo also continue their March Break sale, but again, only until Sunday. Meanwhile, Hudson’s Bay has discounted all sets by 20%.


These affiliate links earn a small commission that helps keep the content at True North Bricks free. Prices are not shown here due to their ever changing nature, and requirements of the affiliate programs I belong to. However, the information is correct as of March 8.


Many of the same sets we have been seeing for the last few weeks are still on sale. But, I have noticed that the prices go up and down quite often. So, if you have been on the fence about a particular set, it is a good idea to keep checking. Sometimes the price drops quite a bit for a short while… Here are the best deals that I saw for March 8.


March Break sales continue until the 10th (Sunday), and you can get 20% off both in store and online on City, Friends, and Star Wars sets.

View LEGO® City, Friends, and Star Wars sets on sale at Indigo.

Additionally, the following LEGO® sets are still on sale online from earlier:

There is also a buy-one-get-one-50%-off sale on Klutz books. There are a few LEGO® books by that publisher, some of which include some bricks. One also has a nice assortment of generic Minifigures to fill your town. This deal is on until March 31. Here are some affiliate links to those books:

In addition to the Klutz books mentioned above, a large number of other LEGO® books are on sale online. These books often come with bricks, ideas, and exclusive Minifigures. To view all of the LEGO® books, click here. The best deals that I noticed were:


There is a hot freebie this week at the LEGO® Store and Shop-At-Home. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one. One of the Bricktober Minifigure packs from last year’s run at Toys R Us has surfaced again. This time, it is the Marvel Super Heroes set. It can be yours with a purchase of over $75. But, you only have until Sunday (March 10) to get it!



There are 44 sets on sale online. The savings are about 20% off, and the deal is on until Monday, March 11. You can click here to go have a look at the selection.

The prices are compared to the regular price at the LEGO® Store. You do not need a membership to access these deals online.

  • City: Mountain Police Headquarters for $84.99 (23% off)
  • City: Passenger Train for $154.99 (23% off)
  • City: Downtown Fire Brigade for $111.09 (20% off)
  • Classic: Large Creative Brick Box for $45.99 (22% off)
  • Creator: Cruising Adventures for $62.99 (21% off)
  • Creator: Volkswagen T1 Camper Van for $99.99 (23% off)
  • DC Comics Super Heroes: Remote Controlled Batmobile for $99.99 (17% off)
  • Friends: Snow Resort Ice Rink for $34.99 (13% off)
  • Friends: Mia’s Treehouse for $29.99 (25% off)
  • Friends: Friendship House for $68.99 (22% off)
  • Friends: Heartlake City Resort for $102.99 (20% off)
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Great Hall for $109.99 (15% off)
  • Harry Potter: Whomping Willow for $75.99 (15% off)
  • Ideas: Saturn V Rocket for $118.99 (21% off)
  • Ideas: Ship in a Bottle for $79.99 (11% off)
  • Jurassic World: Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape for $89.99 (10% off)
  • Jurassic World: Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate for $126.99 (15% off)
  • LEGO® Movie 2: Pop Up Party Bus for $90.09 (10% off)
  • LEGO® Movie 2: Emmet’s Dream House for $79.99 (12% off)
  • Marvel Super Heroes: Thanos Ultimate Battle for $74.99 (17% off)
  • Minecraft: The Bedrock Adventures for $89.99 (10% off)
  • Ninjago Movie: Ninjago City for $279.99 (20% off)
  • Ninjago: The Dragon Pit for $139.99 (13% off)
  • Ninjago: Monastery of Spinjitzu for $89.99 (10% off)
  • Speed Champions: Ferrari Ultimate Garage for $119.99 (8% off)
  • Star Wars: First Order Heavy Assault Walker for $122.99 (27% off)
  • Star Wars: Kessel Run Millennium Falcon for $154.99 (23% off)
  • Star Wars: Imperial TIE Fighter for $68.99 (23% off)
  • Star Wars: Sandcrawler for $124.99 (22% off)
  • Technic: Rally Car for $109.99 (21% off)
  • Technic: Forest Machine for $127.99 (29% off)
  • Technic: Mack Anthem Truck for $189.99 (17% off)
  • Technic: Heavy Duty Forklift for $69.99 (22% off)
  • Technic: Remote Controlled Stunt Racer for $99.99 (29% off)
  • Technic: Porsche 911 for $169.99 (15% off)


  • All LEGO® sets appear to be 20% off online.


There are a number of deals being advertised in the flyer, and are valid until March 21. The savings apply only to regularly priced LEGO® sets (in other words, price tags ending in *.99):

  • 20% off on all Disney Princess sets
  • 20% off on all Jurassic World sets
  • 20% off on all Minecraft sets
  • 20% off on all Super Heroes sets
  • City: Heavy Duty Rescue Helicopter for $52.47 (30% off)
  • Elves: Azari and the Goblin Forest Escape for $17.47 (30% off)